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Beard comb

April 20, 2021 Β· 6 min read

Read all about the use of the beard comb and why this small, practical instrument is indispensable for a well-groomed appearance.

In this article, we’ll discuss what a beard comb is, why you use one, and more importantly, how to get the most out of a beard comb.


What is a beard comb?

A beard comb is a specialist comb with different sizes of teeth (depending on the type of beard) and has different functions.

You use a beard comb:

Do you step out of bed in the morning in good spirits? Comb your beard with a beard comb and arrive at your destination well-groomed.

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What does a beard comb look like?

Some men no doubt think that a beard comb is the same as a regular comb.

Compared to a regular comb, however, a beard comb has several distinctive details:

Another advantage of a beard comb is that you can choose from several sizes.


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Match the type of beard hair you have with what you need from a comb:

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Material and composition

When creating a beard comb, a manufacturer has the choice between different materials. The final choice of the material often determines the function of the comb.

If a manufacturer chooses the wrong type of material, this can have a significant negative effect on the use.

Our advice is therefore to choose a beard comb that is made of anti-static material such as wood or metal.

The wooden beard combs are popular because of their sturdy appearance. In addition, the material prevents split ends. The only drawback is that wood is a bit more difficult to clean.

The plastic beard combs have no serrations and therefore do not damage your beard. The plastic beard combs are also more favorable from a price point of view, but the lifespan is often shorter.

The metal beard combs are sturdy and therefore have a long life. Metal versions also cannot become static, which makes it a favorite choice.

Cellulose acetate beard combs are another favorite choice. This is a kind of rubber-like material that lasts very long, is non-static and does not leave any serrations in the beard hairs when used.

How do I use a beard comb?

Combing the beard can be done in two ways, depending on what you’re looking for.

If you want to quickly reshape your beard during the day because of rebellious beard hairs, then a beard comb is ideal for doing that quickly. Preferably with a mirror so you can see what you are doing.

If the goal is to trim the beard, take a little longer.

It is best to use a beard comb after you have showered. Dry your beard with a towel and then wait a few more minutes.

Then apply beard oil in your hair and gently comb through your beard.

The beard oil provides hydration and prevents the beard hairs from being pulled out of your beard.

You can also opt for beard balm or beard wax. It just depends on what you and your beard like more.

When combing your beard, you have to work with feeling. Try to make as much smooth and long movement from top to bottom as possible.

Do you encounter a knot in your beard? Then remove the comb from your beard and start again with the long and smooth stroke from top to bottom.

Do you have a thick beard? Then it is advisable to comb your beard in layers. Finally, we recommend that you use the narrow teeth of a beard comb to neatly shape your mustache too.

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Cleaning the beard comb

Clean your beard comb regularly so that you can use it for a long time, but also to prevent impurities from combing back into your beard the next time you use it.

You can easily clean metal or plastic beard combs under a tap. With a wooden beard comb, you have to clean it with natural oil.

We can recommend coconut oil, jojoba oil or olive oil.

Note: only use natural and vegetable oil to clean a wooden beard comb. Other oils can damage the beard comb, your skin and beard.

The difference between a beard brush and comb

For all men with a beard, it is important to know the difference between a beard brush and comb. Both variants are very useful in specific situations:

Beard brush: the brush is best used during the first 3 months of beard growth.

During this period it is important that you know how to take good care of the beard. In combination with beard oil and balm, a beard brush provides perfect care as the products are optimally distributed in this way.

β€œ Use a beard brush gently. With repeated use you can damage the hairs. ”

Beard comb: it is best to start using the comb from 3 months. This is when your beard gets easily tangled and tousled. With the comb you can style your beard into the desired model.

β€œ You can use a beard comb 3 to 5 times a day. Put the comb in your pocket and tame wild beard hairs when necessary. ”

Our advice is to start using both variants from 3 months. Use the brush to keep your beard clean and distribute it with beard oil. With a beard comb you can detangle and style as you wish.