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You are reading the most comprehensive and up-to-date buying guide for buying a new electric shaver, including cashback promotions and discounts.

This buying guide has been carefully compiled based on our honest and unbiased criteria such as ease of use, battery life, quality and value (from budget to premium options).


Buying guide best shaver: things to know in advance

Who is this buying guide for?

Choosing an electric shaver is personal and we recommend that you read this guide from start to finish to make the best choice to suit your needs.

Chances are that you will not read a buying guide to the best shaver for yourself but for your partner or father. Electric shavers are often given as gifts and you naturally want to make a good choice.

It often happens that men don’t actually like electric shaving and go back to razor blades. That is a shame, but it’s usually not due to electric shaving in general. But due to the chosen device not really suiting the person.

If you are reading this guide because you want to make the switch from traditional wet shaving to electric shaving then we offer you extensive background information and tips so that you find out whether electric shaving is something for you.

Throughout this guide, we ask a number of questions that will help you find the best choice. Some self-knowledge and of your partner or father is therefore required. Think about the type of beard hair and growth, any skin sensitivity and the budget.

We have made a selection of the best shavers for you so that you can make a good choice.

We hope to be able to inform you well so that you are guaranteed to enjoy using a shaver for many years to come.

We present a selection of the best shavers for every preference and beard type, and want to give you as complete an overview as possible.

Reliability of this buying guide and our reviews

As you may have come to expect from us, the choices we present in this buying guide are the result of careful research based on the latest trends and the newest products in the personal care market.

We have been doing this independently since 2016 and this guide changes every year with new shavers.

For verification, we looked at reviews of the established brands, read blogs, influencer recommendations and independent review sites and used manuals.

As an extra check, we compared user reviews from different sites to get the best possible overall picture of the function and ease of the devices.

We hope in this way to reassure you and help you choose a shaver that will guarantee you optimal results for years to come.

Note: We update this buying guide periodically in the event of n launches.

What should I pay attention to when buying an electric shaver?

The established brands such as Philips, Braun, Remington and Panasonic give you a money-back guarantee.

Despite guidelines and advice, your personal experience with a certain type of shaver matters the most.

Does it not feel quite right? Then trade in the device and test the next one. The investment in a new shaver is significant and it is important that you can use it for years to come without irritation.

Most shavers are water resistant. This means that you can use these devices in the shower, clean more easily and still use shaving cream, gel or mousse.

Shavers nowadays give a good and smooth result, but still don’t come close to the result when using a traditional razor.

There is no other way because there must be protection between the razors and the skin.

Since there is no contact between the skin and the blade, this automatically puts a limit in cutting and if you are a seasoned razor user, you are guaranteed to notice this difference in smoothness.

As soon as you switch from shaving with a blade to electric, your skin will need a few shaves and weeks to adjust to the new method. Why?

There is no explanation for that, but it really is and you will notice that your skin is a lot more sensitive the first few times. Maybe it’s the movement, the technique, or the way you shave.

This does not mean that the device is bad or that this new way of shaving doesn’t suit you. You just need to give it some time.

Each way of shaving works on the same principle: cutting. The smoother the blade, the better the result. This also means that every blade shaves equally smooth. Some manufacturers release 7 blade razors and this would give a “better result”.

These are purely marketing terms and the number of blades has no influence on the final result.

Premium shaving systems come with a cleaning station. A cleaning station is used to click and automatically clean the shaving heads. Usually it also serves as a charger.

Is electric shaving for me?

As just mentioned, electric shavers are a popular product to give as a gift, especially around the holidays and Father’s Day.

It’s understandable, because it’s a gift for grooming that makes you feel good. That is, if you buy a shaver that is tailored to you as a person.

Electric shavers gained popularity around the 1960s for their promise of being able to shave anywhere.

The devices could be used without a shaving cream and brush, in contrast to the traditional way of shaving. In addition, the modern shaver of the time gave the association with a modern and well-groomed man.

The latest generation of shavers have been further developed and significantly improved in every area.

Most devices are suitable for both dry shaving and wet shaving, so you have the choice to use gel or mousse. This means you can opt to shave quickly in the car or while taking a shower in the morning.

For frequent travelers, an electric razor is a must have. Shavers last at least two weeks with regular use and you have no restrictions on hand luggage because you do not have loose razors, foam and shaving gel with you.

Another aspect is the appearance. A sleek, modern design with a shiny shaving head and ergonomic grip is a reason for many men to buy an electric shaver: it looks great in the bathroom.

But the design also ensures that the device fits perfectly in your hand during use. This gives you the precision you need to shave difficult contours like the neckline or around the mouth effortlessly.

The maintenance of an electric shaver is minimal. Blades and shaving heads do not need to be sharpened and cleaning is considerably faster because the devices are water resistant.

However, be aware that the razor vibrating variants are very fragile.

Small bumps cause dents. When this happens, you have to replace the shaving head immediately because the functionality is affected. Most manufacturers supply a protective cap and we recommend that you always use it.

Do you suffer from irritation or ingrown hairs with your current shaving method? Then switch from blade to device and give your skin a few shaves. You will notice that you experience significantly less irritation.

Regardless of whether you prefer a razor or appliance, a shaver always wins in terms of convenience. The only difference is in the result: a razor always shaves closer than a device because the distance between skin and blade is smaller.

This difference is very small, but still noticeable.

Advantages of electric shaving in a nutshell:

Which electric shaver is right for me? Considerations and Features

The choice of the best shaver today is huge. In addition to the well-known brands such as Philips, Braun and Remington, there are many brands and they all promise the smoothest result.

The choice of the brand is certainly important for the guarantee and quality. But within the razor market, you can choose from two systems: vibrating or rotating and your preference for wet or dry shave.

Below we discuss the differences in detail so that further in the buying guide you can make a better choice with the reviews of the devices themselves.

Vibrating or rotating

Electric shavers come in two varieties: vibrating and rotating. Nowadays both systems give you an excellent experience, ease of use and, of course, a smooth result, but…

The difference in choice is in your personal shaving routine, type of beard growth and skin type. One system works just a little better than the other because of the internal effect.

Vibrating (oscillating) shavers refer to how the razor blades work. These are set in motion in a vibrating way and therefore produce considerably more sound.

The blades are protected by a thin, light metal perforated ‘fleece’. During shaving, the hairs stand upright in these holes in the appliance, so that the underlying blades can shave them smoothly.

Vibrating razors thus give a smoother result than rotating systems. If you are looking for a way to shave your mustache, beard, neckline or sideburns with precision, a vibrating system is the best option.

Rotary shavers can be recognized by three or five round or triangular shaving heads with rotating blades in them. The shaving heads work separately from each other, which makes it possible to follow and feel the contours of your face better.

You should use a rotary shaver by making a circular motion and this way ensures that the hairs get into the openings in the shaving heads and cut them off. Rotary shavers thus offer extra convenience as you can effortlessly reach the contours of your jaw, cheeks and neck.

If you have a lot of facial hair, a rotary device is the best option.

Use a rotary shaver if you:

Use a vibrating shaver if you:

Use an electric shaver if you:

Wet shave or dry shave?

If you are making the switch from traditional shaving with a razor blade or knife, then choosing a shaver with which you can shave wet makes just a bit more sense.

Perhaps the step is a bit smaller and you already have a preference for the use of shaving cream or gel.

If you suffer from sensitive skin, using gel or foam can reduce irritation, so choose one that you can use in the shower.

Shavers that are water resistant can also be used in the shower.

Obviously, you can also clean this type of appliance a bit easier because you don’t need brushes to reach the areas between the shaving heads.

Attachments and variations

The selection for the best shaver in this buying guide features a precision trimmer in most cases.

These attachments (or integrated in the shaver head) can be used to update contours around the mouth, mustache or beard.

It is even more convenient to use these attachments with (too) long hair. Shorter hairs create less resistance between the shaver head and skin and give you a noticeably easier shave.

Displays showing the battery level and the active shaving mode are also increasingly common.

Maintenance and replacement of parts

To enjoy a clean-shaven face for as long as possible, you should maintain the device regularly. Both systems collect the hairs, which causes an accumulation of hair and dead skin cells.

Maintenance of rotating systems is a bit more difficult because the heads have to be separated from each other. Next, you’ll need a brush to remove most of the dirt (unless you rinse and put in the cleaning station right after each shave).

The shaving heads of vibrating systems can be completely disconnected to clean or replace and are therefore slightly easier to maintain.

With regular use, you need to replace a shaving head every two years.

There are also maintenance products for sale such as cleaning spray and cleaning liquid.

Price tag

The initial investment in a shaver is considerable for the better models. Even though there are budget choices under €50, for most versions you quickly pay €100 and if you want to go from absolute premium, you will end up around €250.

We therefore strongly recommend that you use the return policy of the brands. You usually have 30 to 60 days to test the device, and you want to make sure you keep using your choice for years to come.

When testing, pay close attention to how your skin reacts, how the device fits in your hand and whether you are satisfied with the smooth result. Ask yourself if you will feel comfortable using the device often.

Think of how often you take it with you on a trip and whether you prefer a wet or dry shave?

The models that we have tested vary from €50 to €275.

Note: the shaving head should be replaced every two years with regular use. The prices vary from €35 to €75. Keep that in mind.

Best shaver comparison table

With the above selection of shavers you will undoubtedly make a good choice and the devices are all of a high quality.

But in the end, choosing the best shaving device is a personal choice. Decide for yourself what’s more important: do I shave in the shower? Do I require long battery life because I travel a lot? Do I have sensitive skin? What is my budget?

For each review we compared the following properties:

The best electric shavers of 2023

Below you will find our selection of the best electric shavers 2023 all round, in other words for general use. You cannot make a bad buy with these devices. They’re all suitable for your everyday routine.

We recommend the two best choices in the rotating and vibrating variants based on your own personal preference.

1. Best choice for vibrating shavers

For a consistently pleasant and close shave, choose the Braun S5160. The Series 5 is completely waterproof, which means you can use it where and how you want: in the shower, with or without shaving cream or dry.

The battery life is more than 45 minutes and the included charging station ensures that the device gets a nice place in the bathroom and is always ready for a shave.

Incidentally, the charging and cleaning station positions the shaver upside down, whereupon a cleaning process starts automatically after each shave.

Note: The cleaning process requires liquid and with regular use it will take about 3-4 months with one cartridge. You can also disassemble the razor head and clean it manually.

The shaving head consists of 2 middle blades and a middle trimmer. This combination ensures that difficult areas are easy to reach and light to medium beard growth is effortlessly shaved smoothly.

You use the retractable precision trimmer to update the sideburns and when you’re done, clean the device under the tap.

Product features:

Product Pros & Cons List

2. Best Choice for rotating shavers

Many user reviews praise the S7310 for its smooth result. The shaving heads move independently of each other and also from the hinge of the head itself.

This ensures an extra large movement radius, which indeed ensures a pleasant experience and an extra smooth result.

The 7000 Series is characterized by a modern design with clean lines and a very nice grip during use. The included cleaning station means that you don’t have to clean the heads yourself.

Additional accessories such as a hard case travel bag, precision attachment and cleaning station provide a total solution.

Product features:

Product Pros & Cons List

3. Best Prestigious Choice

This variant of the 9 series from Braun features the latest tech and gadgets, making it top-class in both function and design. The sleek finish and color palette of silver, chrome, and black give the device a luxurious appearance.

The high-quality shaving head consists of five elements that work separately from each other, which ensures an exceptional result. This ensures that you reach every part of the neck and face effortlessly and are cut as tightly as possible.

The middle (golden) part vibrates and effortlessly cuts away stiff beard hair.

Additional extras such as a storage cover and charging station provide a total package.

Product features:

Product Pros & Cons List

4. Best shaver for heavy beard growth

The Philips Series 9000 S9711 is the best shaver for heavy beard growth. Ideal for men with stiff facial hair. With this type of shaver, factors such as the quality of the blades are extra important.

The three shaving heads move separately from each other so that you can easily reach difficult areas and ensure that hairs first rise before shaving them.

After shaving, place the device in the cleaning station which cleans, lubricates and dries the shaving heads. So you don’t have to put in a lot of effort to keep the device in top condition.

You also protect the shaving heads by using the included, chic travel bag.

Do you want to let your full beard grow out and then trim it? This is possible with the supplied attachment. This is specially made to keep your beard at length and to shave it where necessary.

Product features:

Product Pros & Cons List

5. Runner-up for Best Shaver for Heavy Beard Growth

For that money you do get a lot of shaver. Features of the Prestige 9000 are performance due to the ultra-sharp nano-tech shaving foils and the qualitative finish of the design.

The Prestige 9000 has three adjustable settings, with the highest setting really made for stiff and full beards. This mode shaves 150 thousand times per minute and can handle the most rough beards.

Additional features include the coating rings specially made to glide effortlessly over the skin, resulting in less irritation and a smoother result.

The beautiful display shows the shaving position and battery life at all times.

Product features:

Product Pros & Cons List

6. The Budget-Friendly Choice for Heavy Beard Growth

This shaver comes with a built-in Turbo setting, especially for the places where beard growth gives extra resistance. This position ensures that the speed of the blades in the shaving head rotates extra fast, with a smoother result.

The Series 5000 can be used in the shower and is easy to rinse off after use. A nice extra of this device is the attachment with which you can style the sideburns or mustache.

Product features:

Product Pros & Cons List

7. Best Shaver for Use in the Shower

The aquatouch is specifically made for wet shaving and can be completely cleaned with water, but also possible to take with you on a trip and a practical dry shave.

In this way, sensitive skin can be shaved with a mild one shaving cream which afterwards for less irritations and tightness.

The attachment feels sturdy and gives you better control over the area you shave. Ideal for defining the neckline or for shaving symmetrical sideburns.

The battery life of 45 minutes makes the aquatouch a great travel partner.

Product features:

Product Pros & Cons List

8. Best shaver for sensitive skin

Do you have sensitive skin? Then it is extra important to find a suitable shaver that is specially made for sensitive skin. These types of shavers usually contain elements that provide an extra close shave and that can be used in the shower.

This Series 7 includes technological functions such as automatic adjustment of shaving intensity. The sensor detects the type of beard growth (light or heavy) and automatically adjusts the rotation of the shaver head.

This ensures that the shaving head is gentle on sensitive skin.

Furthermore, this luxury shaver has a pulsating centerpiece, which vibrates the hairs while shaving, resulting in a smoother result.

It comes with a cleaning station, meaning that you only have to put the shaver away after use. The device then cleans itself, which undoubtedly has a positive effect on the general health of your skin.

The extendable precision trimmer gives you extra opportunities to update the sideburns

Product features:

Product Pros & Cons List

9. Best budget shavers

The budget choices below are described as such, but are still excellent choices when you want a quality shaver. Budget choices are suitable if you still have doubts about making the switch to electric shaving and want to try a few things first.

You can recognize the OneBlade by its striking, stretched design with display. The OneBlade is equipped with a razor-sharp, single blade that does not shave the skin.

This ensures a pleasant shave with minimal risk of irritation and ingrown hairs.

The shaving head moves in two directions and is intended to shave your beard almost smoothly, or up to 10 millimeters with the supplied attachment.

The OneBlade is therefore also ideal for updating a stubble beard. The battery is fully charged within 60 minutes and then gives you 1.5 hours of use.

Please note that the One Blade’s shaving foil needs to be replaced at least every two months with regular use. THismeans that the OneBlade requires more frequent blade replacements compared to other shavers in this guide.

Product features:

Product Pros & Cons List

10. Best Budget Shaver Runner-Up

The Braun Series 1 has very practical functions such as the precision trimmer and the floating shaver foil, which is specifically made to achieve difficult contours of the neck and cheeks.

This device is also waterproof, so you can easily rinse it under the tap. The protective cap offers the possibility to easily take the Braun 1 series with you.

Product features:

Product Pros & Cons List

11. Best shaver for traveling

We have added travel devices specifically for men who are either often on a business trip or who enjoy life and want to look well-groomed on vacation. The selection below has the longest battery life of all devices in this buying guide.

Remington makes high-quality shavers and the F9200 is one of the favorites. The shaving head consists of two cutting blades and also two center trimmers. With the combination shaver head and Turbo mode you shave away light to heavy beard growth and smooth cheeks will undoubtedly be the result.

The device is also waterproof, so you can shave in the middle of the sea on vacation, for example.

Product features:

Product Pros & Cons List

Summary of best shavers 2023

We spend about 6 months of our lives standing in front of the bathroom mirror. The choice of the best shaver must therefore be well-considered and exactly match your own situation.

Electric shavers today are better than traditional razor shaving in every respect, except that due to technical limitations, the result will always be slightly less smooth.

The initial investment can be daunting, but a shaver that suits you will pay for itself in time and comfort.

With regard to the well-known brands, there are two clear winners: Philips and Braun. The two brands deliver equally top quality devices with the latest options and accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a shaver last?

The lifespan depends on two factors: the amount of use that affects the sharpness of the shaver head and the quality of the shaver itself. Professional brands offer strong and double-coated shaving heads which can also be replaced, so that the device can last for a very long time.

How do you clean a shaver?

Today, most shavers are waterproof and therefore easy to clean under the tap. If that is not the case, the supplied synthetic brushes offer a solution to clean the shaving head and blades. Periodic maintenance increases the life of the blades.

How should I shave with a shaver?

You get the best shaving result by using a shaving cream or shaving oil so that contact between skin and razor blades is minimal. Pull the area to be shaved taut by hand and gently apply some pressure while shaving. Always shave in one direction.

What is the best shaver?

The best seller brands at the moment are Philips, Braun and Remington. The best choice depends on your personal needs such as budget, time and beard growth. In our comprehensive guide we help you make the best choice.