The ultimate men's haircuts 2023 inspiration guide

Looking for the latest men's hairstyle trends and inspiration for 2023? This article helps you find the most popular hairstyles of the moment for all hair types, colors and lengths! Your new look is waiting.


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Consider the following:

Men’s hairstyles hair coloring

There are five main different hair colors. Each color presents its own challenges, but it also has advantages. It may just be that you spot a certain hairstyle combined with a hair color you wouldn’t have expected.

We hope to inspire you with our galleries full of stylish hairstyles, organized by hair color. We make a distinction between the following five colors:

  1. Blonde
  2. Brown
  3. Gray
  4. Red
  5. Black

Of course we have put the different colors for men’s hairstyles neatly together!

Men’s hairstyles for blonde hair

Blonde hairstyles often remind us of hip surfers, smooth guys and the archetypal high school heartthrob from American movies. To sum up: the blonde men’s hairstyle is popular.

It always has been and as far as we can tell, it always will be. One reason for this is that you can go in so many directions when styling blonde hair. We have noticed more and more men with gray hair opting for blonde hairstyles recently.

We have put the best hairstyles and the super diverse options together for you in a lookbook for men’s blonde hairstyles.

Men’s hairstyles for brown hair

Do you have naturally brown hair? Then you are lucky! Wait, really? Yes! A brown haircut options for men are plenty and you can do a lot with it in terms of color.

For example, if you want to go a few shades lighter or darker, you can often do so effortlessly.

Or what about a “mix-and-match” where you complement your own brown hairstyle with some lighter and darker highlights? This has also become very popular as far as men’s brown hairstyles go. By the way, did you know that after black, brown is the most common hair color in the world?

Here too, we have put various hairstyles that are perfect as a men’s brown hairstyle together. This way, you can easily choose a style that suits your brown hair.

Men’s hairstyles for gray hair

One of the absolute certainties in life is that a man ages by one day every day. As these days add up, it is likely that you will lose your original hair color and end up with a gray mane.

Of course there is nothing wrong with that, on the contrary! Gray hair on a man often symbolizes wisdom, strength, experience. You can easily capitalize on this with a hairstyle that complements these unique features.

Men’s hairstyles for red hair

Red hairstyles are real eye-catchers. Red hair for men is really catching up with the other hair colors.

This trend is reinforced by red-haired models such as Michael Fassbender and Benedict. They have put red men’s hairstyles on the map.

Get inspired by our hairstyles for red-haired men — there is sure to be something for you!

Men’s hairstyles for black hair

Here it is, the hairstyle for black-haired men. No hair color is as prominent worldwide as black is.

A dark hair color contrasts beautifully with a lighter skin tone, so that with the right cut you can beautifully accentuate the structure of your face.

Additionally, to style black hair, you can choose extensively from short, medium or long hairstyles for black hair colors.

Popular men’s haircut trends of the moment

In addition to different hair colors, there are also plenty of hairstyles. What about the “buzz cut” or the “man bun”? Or would you rather go for a quiff? Here, we list all the trendy hairstyles for you, so that you can choose which style suits you best!

Buzz cut

The buzz cut hairstyle owes its name to the different variations that a shave with clippers can produce. In all cases, the buzz cut is a style that starts with shaved hair.

Think of a military haircut, always between 1 and 4 millimeters in length. This means that no scissors or comb are used to obtain a buzz cut.

Caesar cut

Are you looking for a short haircut that is easy to style? Then a Caesar cut might be for you. Yes, you read that right. This hairstyle descends from the conqueror Julius Caesar.

To obtain this style, the hair is combed forward, creating a type of bangs. The sides are then cut to the same length.

The Caesar isn’t the most popular haircut these days, but considering that men like George Clooney, Antonio Banderas and Gerard Butler wear it, it’s bound to suit you too!

French crop

Very similar to the Caesar cut, but with slight differences, we have the French crop. This is another short haircut, where simplicity and convenience are key. The “crop” is all about less-is-more and is suitable for men of all ages.

The French crop comes in a short and slightly less short version. The former is usually between 2 and 5 inches in length, with short sides.


The fringe is a style where the hair falls over the forehead as it is combed forward. There is a short, long and angular version of the hairstyle.

In the short version, the hair reaches up to the eyebrows. The shorter the hair, the faster you will be ready in the morning.

In the longer version, the hair falls all the way over the eyebrows. Since there is little texture, it looks effortlessly natural.

The angular version gets its name from the direction of the comb. In this case, part of the face is covered and the rest of it is not.

Iconic hairstyles

Iconic hairstyles mainly stem from the influencer industry. Maybe not as we know it today, but the hairstyles of political figures, movie stars and certain movements (such as hippie culture) all have a strong influence on these which styles are still popular today.

There are many differences between the most iconic hairstyles. We often see hairstyles from the following decades as iconic:


When talking about iconic men’s hairstyles, we have to include the crest. The crest has never gone out of style since the 1950s. A truly classic and timeless hairstyle.

There is a brushed up version, but also a modern and short crest. Would you rather go for a longer version? Then you would look great with a classic crest. The possibilities and combinations are endless.

Man bun

Are you ready for something completely different? Then the man bun is definitely a hairstyle that goes against the established order. It has grown enormously in popularity, but opinions about the man bun remain strongly divided.

The man bun is the masculine version of the popular women’s hairstyle and works best with oval, rectangular, square and triangular face types.


The fade naturally gets its name from the sides of the hairstyle being faded. The classic version has its origins in the 1930s and is extremely versatile, because you can combine it perfectly with other hairstyles for men.

Are you going for a little more effect? Then choose a high fade. This makes the transition in hair length less subtle and accentuates the contrast between the different parts of your hairstyle.


Are you happy to invest a little into your haircut in terms of time and products? Then the pompadour is ideal for you! You need a hair length of at least 10 centimeters to create the pompadour’s signature volume.

You can recognize the pompadour by the fully up-styled hair from the forehead. The pompadour is best known as worn by Elvis Presley and rockabilly culture.

Side part

A side part may be associated with a frat boy or not a very neat haircut, but that is no longer true. You can absolutely comb a side part and look neat and tidy.

But a side part can also appear as part of a much trendier hairstyle these days.


Last, but certainly not least, we have the undercut. According to some hairdressers, this is not a style in itself. The undercut is often combined with a different hairstyle, which completes the look.

Because you combine it with other components, you can make the undercut as moderate or as extreme as you want. Brad Pitt showed off this hairstyle in the movie Fury along with a cool slick back, putting the style on the map.

New haircut tips and advice

Have you been inspired by the many possibilities you have seen? Awesome! After all, that was exactly the goal!

Before you enthusiastically make an appointment with your favorite hairdresser or barber to have your new look trimmed or cut, consider the following factors:


Which style suits you best is generally a very personal choice.

Of course you can literally pursue any hairstyle, but the fact remains that one type of hair is more suitable for a certain hairstyle than another type of hair.

There are so many high-quality (and less high-quality) products on the market today that can help you in terms of hair styling. This makes the seemingly impossible suddenly within reach.

Many men these days opt for hairstyles that match their ambitions. A men’s haircut that matches their personality.

In that pursuit, every hair color, every style and every application of products is allowed. Dare to be unique. Choose a style that suits you.

We hope we’ve inspired you with this comprehensive article.