Summer hair men

Want a new style for the summer months that will give you a fresh look? In this inspiration guide you will find the latest trendy men's haircuts for this summer. We have a look for every hair length, especially shorter haircuts that will keep you cool in the heat.


Summer crop

The crop is a hairstyle with clearly visible texture and often combined with an undercut or shave. By texture, we mean the ’layering’ in a hairstyle, which is the effect of trimmed hair.

Hairstyles with texture are easy to do in the morning because the hair without product still holds the style.

You use hairspray or product to give a matte or high-gloss finish and a little hold.

We see the crop more and more in the Netherlands because it is a practical hairstyle with a fresh look and ideal for the warmer summer months.

Best product for a crop with a matte appearance + medium hold: clay pomade

Summer crest

This is one of the classic men’s hairstyles and for a very good reason.

The crest is a hairstyle that is suitable for almost any occasion and activity. This short haircut is versatile, easy to cut and you only need to update this hairstyle once every 3-4 weeks.

The short variant of the crest gives a smooth appearance with minimal effort.

Short side part

The side part is available in four variants: left, right, tight and natural. The part is generally seen as a men’s hairstyle that matches a neat appearance and is worn by men of all ages.

The side part is a timeless style and is created with the fingers or with a comb, depending on the desired look.

Summer fade

The fade is a technique in which the hair is shaved from short to long to create a faded appearance. A fade is therefore extremely easy to maintain and forms the basis for many trendy men’s hairstyles.

A fade works perfectly with other hairstyles and is then one of the most favorite cuts to experiment with.

There are three variants:

Summer bedhead

Of all the summer men’s hairstyles that we discuss in this guide, a fresh out of bed look is of course the most practical. This hairstyle is meant to look as natural as possible, with minimal use of hair products.

Tousled bedhead hairstyles work best with curly hair types. If you naturally have straight hair, ask your hairdresser to cut your hair at uneven lengths to get a rougher look.

We recommend using a light cream to style rebellious hair, such as a grooming cream water-based. Use as little as possible! hair surfspray is specially made to give messy hairstyles a summer beach look.

Summer undercut

An undercut is very similar to a fade, except that an undercut is one equal length and noticeably shorter than the hairs at the top of the head. This creates a recognizable difference in length.

An undercut can easily be combined with your favorite hairstyle such as a crest, side part, slicked back haircuts, or spiky hair. This is why the undercut is one of the most popular hairstyles.

If the difference in lengths is a lot, an undercut requires regular maintenance: you have to have it trimmed once every two weeks to maintain the desired look.