Spiky men hairstyles

In this guide, you will find out if a spiky hairstyle is the one for you. It used to be all the rage. Nowadays, not so much. At least you would think so. Very slowly, spiky hair is returning to the here and now, but with a modern twist!


Spiky men hairstyles lookbook

Back to the 90’s

The 90’s, when the fresh prince of bel air was still on TV and baggy jeans were worn way too low.

When the euro was yet to be introduced and there was no talk at all about cell phones.

It sounds like a completely different time and it was. Hair fashion had a peak during this time but if you look back on it, it also dipped.

The style that stood out the most was spiky hair.

The punks made it popular in the 1980s. Hair took on an entirely different shape and you didn’t belong if you didn’t have the huge spikes.

With a lot of gel and violence, the hair was raised in tufts and held in place with hairspray.

Those brave enough went out on the street and defied all weather conditions with their super spikes.

Spiky hair in 2023

Meanwhile, the spiky hair of the past has almost blown over and the modern male hairstyle has had a major upgrade.

Now in 2021, the spiky hair fashion is not completely out of style. Today, more and more hairstyles mirror the boldness of the popular 90s cut. But that’s not all.

The timeless trend of having shaved sides in the 20s & 30s is often teamed with spiky hair for a fresh look.

Today’s spiked hairstyle is no longer all about aggression and height. Gel or wax is used without the need of much hairspray at all.

To complement the style, facial hair finishes it off perfectly. A well-groomed beard with expertly shaved sides and softly cut spiky hair is exactly how it’s done in 2023.

Spiky hairstyles

Spiked up hair is a popular look for men. While the harsh points of the past have disappeared, the style remains an fashionable choice. So why not give it a go?

If you’re looking for a new look, spiky hair could be perfect for you. It doesn’t matter what hair type you have, it works with every texture.

Today, spiky hair is soft, stylish and quick to make with modern grooming techniques and products.

But if you want to go big and bold, you can still style out a sharper version. Just give it the punk classic a much-needed update.

Using your chosen hair product, pull up the longer sections first, then run the wax through the shorter sections of your hair in an upward motion.

Spiky hair can be styled out in so many ways. Opt for a short spiky haircut all over or shave the sides completely and rock a modern-day mohawk.

With the right amount of gel or wax, everything is possible!