Short beard styles

Beards are trending and that certainly applies to shorter beards. In this article you will find inspiration for short beards.


The short or stubble beard is one of the most popular beard styles at the moment. Which isn’t very surprising! It’s classified as a practical and an easy beard style that can be worn by any man.

The short beard has always been very popular. Most men can grow a short beard easily and it is one of the most common beard styles too.

This beard style comes in three different variants. We’ll take a look at all three now.

Short beard lookbook

The short version is between 1 and 2 millimeters

Three variants, of which the short beard - the 5 o’-clock shadow - is usually between 1 and 2 millimeters. Furthermore, we distinguish the medium short beard, also called medium stubb.

This beard has a length of between 2 and 4 millimeters. The longest version of the short beard is known as long stubb and has a length of five millimeters.

The perfect beard for you depends on the shape of your head, but also the time you want to spend on maintaining the beard.

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Smooth was the norm

If you choose a short beard, you choose a beard with a history. It is seen as a combination of the professional, hip, and classic styles.

It has also earned the name 5-o’-clock shadow, due to men who shaved every morning but whose first signs of beard growth were already visible later in the day.

Incidentally, it was not common to have a beard for long periods of the last century. Smooth was the norm, with a beard, however short, you really stood out. Today, however, the unshaven beard is widely accepted.

Actors and artists

The short beard did not really make its appearance until the eighties of the last century. As well-known artists and actors opted for the short beard, it quickly became very popular.

Besides the fact that a short beard gives a certain appearance, many people also choose the short beard for practical reasons. A lot of men do not want to take the time to shave every single morning.

You can also opt for a short beard from a medical perspective. The fact is that wet shaving is not very good for the skin. At the microscopic level, the skin is scraped by either a razor or by the use of a shaver.

After that experience, the skin often needs a few days to recover.

The type of beard growth

You don’t really have to do anything to get a stubble beard. You just don’t shave for a few days and the short beard arrives.

What that short beard looks like mainly depends on the type of beard growth you have. The short or stubble beard has a number of advantages. For example, it is good for men with sensitive skin.

Even if you have a somewhat youthful appearance, growing a short beard can give you a completely different and, above all, edgier look. The short beard also takes less time than if you decide to shave every day.

Even if you have a defined jawline, a short beard can work for you. It can also be for men who want a beard, but nothing too high maintenance.

Either way, a short beard is masculine. In whatever variant. It is not difficult at all to grow and maintain a short beard.

Sufficient distance from the skin

If you have grown a short beard, trim the beard every few days using an electric razor or a special beard trimmer, keeping a sufficient distance from the skin. This automatically creates a short beard that can be called medium or long.

As mentioned, you can choose different types of short beards. The manner of beard growth largely determines how the short beard will look to you. You can also experiment well yourself.

It shouldn’t take longer than a week before you can experiment with your short beard to your heart’s content.

If your face shape is oval, square, rectangular, or more diamond-shaped, then a short beard will always look good.

However, that is up to you. Because you’ll decide for yourself whether or not to opt for a beard.

Heavy beard growth

Are you someone with heavy beard growth? Then a 5-o-clock shadow is probably the type of beard that suits you.

The beard growth will be thick. Gaining extra length is often not necessary to fill out any patches. If you choose this, shaving once every two days is often sufficient.

You choose a length of between 1 and 2 millimeters.

If you have light beard growth, you often have bald patches. By choosing a medium or a longer version of the short beard, you can fill those gaps. For this, maintain a length of between 2 and 4 millimeters.

You just have to see for yourself what looks best and what makes you feel good. It should be easy to work out in just seven days.

No irritations after shaving

You also have a category of men who have uneven beard growth. You can achieve a short beard very simply by not shaving for a week.

Then you trim the beard back to 1 or 2 lengths shorter.

That way unequal lengths are trimmed to an even length. Men who have to contend with sensitive skin are better off opting for a longer version.

After all, you don’t have to shave and trim as often. With sensitive skin, you can also use beard oil or a mild balm during the day. In addition, it is wise to use a special beard trimmer.

Then the shaving head does not come into contact with the skin at all, so you will not suffer from irritations to the skin after shaving.

Mild beard shampoo

It is also important to work out how exactly you are going to trim your stubble beard. This can come down to personal preference. Typically, there are three ways to choose from when it comes to trimming the short beard.

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To begin with, the beard should be clean. You can use a milder beard shampoo for that.

Then you need to dry the beard. You do that by dabbing with a towel, try not to rub. Wet hair is less easy to shave.

If you have a longer short beard, then it is wise to use a beard comb or a special brush next.

Comb the hairs all in the same direction. Now you can trim the short beard to the right length and avoid accidentally shaving a spot bald.

Then trim the short beard several times to get it all to the same length. You can then define the neckline with a razor. Use your Adam’s apple as a guide.

Straight razor

You can also trim your short beard in the traditional way; with a razor and scissors. It does take you more time, but on the other hand, it is also fun to do.

Ideally, use a straight razor or a so-called shavette for the neckline.

The device that is really ideal for trimming the short beard is the beard trimmer.

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These special trimmers often have a shaving head that you can adjust and high-quality blades good for both stiff and light beard growth. Modern shavers are also designed for trimming the short beard.

Watch out for wild hair

Once you have grown your short beard, it is then just a matter of keeping it well maintained.

With the 5-o’-clock shadow version, shaving every other day is sufficient. Care for the medium-long beard every four days and if you opt for the longer version, shaving once a week is sufficient.

Of course, you keep a close eye on any wild growth. Due to the fact that a short beard is short, wild and stray hairs stand out instantly. This can make your beard look unkempt.

Do not forget to also take care of the skin. If you shave the beard, use a nourishing after shave balm right away. When your skin is well kept and healthy, it will certainly help the condition of your beard.

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