Red hair men hairstyles

In this guide you will find haircut inspiration and ideas for men with red hair including different styles and lengths, to suit both young and older men with different face types.

You often hear that men with red hair are less sexy, that they can never compare to a mane of blonde or dark hair, or any other nonsense that doesn’t make sense.

Fortunately, this perception is changing rapidly. Big names in the entertainment industry like Benedict Cumberbatch and Michael Fassbender show what it’s like to be a red-haired man these days.

They proudly display their red looks on the catwalks and on screen. And, with great success! So why not you?

Lookbook for red hair

The red hair color is a real eye-catcher, regardless of how you choose to style your hair in the mornings. Take advantage of this!

If you naturally have red tones in your hair you will be seen as reliable and ‘cute’, whether you like this or not of course ;-).

That is why we have put together a lookbook for you in which you can find inspiration for choosing a short, long, colored, or a rebellious red haircut.

If you choose to add color, a dark red copper color will probably compliment you very well if you have blue or green eyes.

Otherwise, it is an option to think of lighter highlights and a medium hair length.

The pros and cons of red hair

So you have chosen not to dye your hair. Well done! But keep the following in mind:

Hair follicles. Nobody knows why, but if you have red hair you also have a lower number of hair follicles. This does not mean that your hair looks thinner. However, it does mean that you will go bald a little earlier.

Firmness of red hair. Red hair is also the most solid hair color there is. By firm, we mean the hair roots and hair themselves. The thickness of your red hair also makes moisturizing more difficult.

This results in hairs that will feel dry more quickly. This is best solved by including a conditioner in your haircare routine.

Skincare. If you have red hair, your skin is also more sensitive to UV radiation. Therefore, use sunscreen generously. Because your skin is thinner, you will also suffer from irritation and sunburned skin.