Peaky blinders men hairstyle

Are you looking for a cool, trendy hairstyle? Then make sure to read this article thoroughly. Here we will be talking about the popular Peaky Blinders hairstyle.


Peaky Blinders lookbook

This haircut is very popular in 2020 and that is (as the name suggests) entirely thanks to the Peaky Blinders series.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the hairstyles of the protagonists Arthur and Thomas Shelby.

Careful, though, this hairstyle is not suitable for everyone. This is a good hairstyle for men with a visible jawline.

Do you have a rounder head with a less pronounced jawline? Then you might need to choose a different hairstyle.

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A rich history

The hairstyle has a rich history. Back in the day, after the First World War, ruffians chose to wear this hairstyle.

With this hairstyle, they wanted to distinguish themselves from the upper class. In short, this hairstyle was not worn by decent people, on the contrary, but by people who had just survived the Great War.

In 2020, this hairstyle has made a massive comeback, but now with different connotations.

The Arthur Shelby Hairstyle

Arthur Shelby, the series’ most violent character, wears the slicked back + undercut hairstyle. This means that the sides of his hair are very short and the top is long.

In the Peaky Blinders hairstyle, the hair on top is pushed backwards as can be clearly seen with Arthur. If you want this hairstyle, first ask your hairdresser if it will suit your face.

A good hairdresser will be able to tell if you have the face for it and can help you make a decision.

The hairdresser will also be able to tell you how best to grow your hair to eventually get this hairstyle. If this haircut doesn’t suit you, he will have another great haircut for you!

The Thomas Shelby Hairstyle

The Thomas Shelby hairstyle consists of a crop top + undercut. This means that the hair is long on top and the sides very short.

The big difference with Arthur’s hairstyle is that Thomas Shelby does not wear his hair back, but forward.

This haircut looks very sleek because the sides are shaved. However, you can keep the top of the hair very casual.

Are you curious about which hair products you can use for this hairstyle? Then read the next section!

Which hair products can I use?

A good hairstyle can only be achieved with the best hair products, so you will have to determine which products are best for you. If you’re not sure what those are, this article will help you.

Oil-based pomade

Do you want to wear the Arthur Shelby hairstyle? Then use an oil-based pomade. This is a classic hair product that men have been using for a very long time. It will style your hair back perfectly.

Pomade ensures that your hairstyle stays in shape all day long. It is very greasy and therefore ideal for men with longer hair, because it helps it stay in place. However, oil-based pomade is difficult to get out of your hair.

Want to prevent this? Then choose a water-based pomade instead.

Matte clay

Don’t want an Arthur Shelby haircut, but think the Thomas Shelby haircut would suit you perfectly? Then use matte clay, which will allow you to style your hair forward in a perfect tousle.

This product ensures that your hair remains tousled by providing a lot of texture to the hair. It is water-based, so you can easily wash it out of your hair.

If your hair doesn’t need much help falling into place, you can also choose to use only hairspray.

This will ensure that your hair looks extra tousled on top. The nice thing about Thomas’s hairstyle is that it still looks neat because of the sleek sides.

How to care for your hair

Do you want to wear this hairstyle as well as possible? Then make sure that your hair is in optimal shape. Buy the right shampoo and use conditioner daily.

Conditioner helps your hair get the right nutrients and vitamins, so it keeps it healthy and thriving.