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Do you want to make things as easy as possible for yourself, but still look good? Go for a look that will make you extra attractive and choose the bedhead look. This look is not only easy to create, but also looks good and, above all, casual.


The bedhead lookbook

The easiest look of all time: the bedhead look

This hairstyle looks like you barely put any thought into your hair while still looking incredibly sexy.

Almost everyone likes a casual look. This hairstyle makes it look like you just got out of bed and is anything but straight.

This casual look is messy, wild and picture perfect. The bedhead look depends on the texture of your hair.

This look works best on straight hair, because curls tend to get out of control and go their own way.

So only try this hairstyle if you have straight hair. The length of your hair doesn’t matter. This look is suitable for all lengths.

The hairstyle should be messy because you want to create an imperfect look. A stubbly beard also enhances your fresh-out-of-bed look.

This hairstyle is meant to be wild and as unpolished as possible.

It should look like you just woke up and walked out the door. You don’t want to look sloppy and grubby, of course, but it’s best not to wash your hair for a few days.

Your hair will become greasy if you don’t wash it for a few days. With the natural oils in your hair, you can quickly create a just-out-of-bed look. Does this option not sound like the one for you and you just want to wash your hair?

You can create a similar effect with a hairspray or clay. Never heard of clay? It really is just like clay for your hair.


Use the correct products and apply them minimally.

The bedhead look is easy to style with the following products: hair clay and hairspray.

Hair clay is a very interesting product for styling your hair, especially if you want to create the bedhead look.

This hair styling product contains properties that make the product stiffer and drier, making the above look easy to create. Hair clay provides more volume and fuller hair.

Hair clay is not the only product you can use to create this casual style. With hairspray, you get a natural look with lots of volume.

Many men do not want to use hairspray because it is associated with women, but most men now use it too, mainly to give their style a little extra volume and that’s exactly what you need for a fresh-out-of-bed look.

Hairspray will also help you fix the style in place. Of course you want the hairstyle to look good all day long, but it must be expertly tangled.

Run your hands through your hair or shake your head back and forth. Do you want even more volume after this? Then a hair dryer is your best friend.

Handy hairstylers (with attachment so you can create multiple hairstyles)