Men's medium length hairstyles

In this guide, you will find inspiration and ideas for men's medium length hairstyles. We’ve selected a range of different styles to suit both young and old(er) men, as well as different face types.

Men’s haircuts with a medium length are in great demand. Are you thinking of getting a medium-length haircut and wondering what your options are? Read on for everything you need to know.


Lookbook for men’s medium length haircuts

Why should you choose a medium length haircut?

To some extent, you have no influence over the hair you have. For example, one person might have natural curls while another has a blow in the hair.

If we look specifically at men’s hairstyles, it is worth considering that some men would rather not get up half an hour earlier to style their hair.

Most men still want something easy, even though they want to look well-groomed. For this reason, medium-length men’s haircuts are ideal.

You can create both a neat and rugged look with medium-long hair. Read more about these hairstyles below.

Choose the Pompadour hairstyle

For a long time, men opted for either a short or a long style. But haircuts like the Pompadour (more on that later) changed things up. It’s a men’s haircut of medium length, so your hair needs to be healthy and definitely not too thin.

The type of haircut you choose mainly depends on which style suits you, the shape of your face, and the type of hair you have.

A medium-length haircut would go just as well with a more heart-shaped face as it would with a triangular or diamond-shaped face.

Medium-length haircuts are gaining more and more popularity with men thus resulting in more options to sport the medium-length cut while looking well-groomed.

Let’s take a closer look at some medium-length men’s haircuts. The undercut is one example.

With this hairstyle, you keep the hair a bit longer and fuller on top and the rest is cut a bit shorter. This creates a well-groomed hairstyle, one that you can also wear loosely and that looks perfect with a beard.

As we just mentioned, another hairstyle that is perfect for men who have medium-long hair is the Pompadour. This hairstyle is always very popular among men with a lovely head of hair.

You can wear this hairstyle very tightly and also nice and loose. The big advantage of this hairstyle is that it never has to be perfect at all to be perfect, you know? It’s just always right, whichever way you style it.

A natural look

Many men prefer to leave their hair longer and wavier, just because they are proud of their hair.

A medium-length men’s hairstyle also works well with a beard or stubble.

This hairstyle makes it possible to experiment with a beard in any situation.

Don’t use too much hair product and run your hands through your hair every now and then. With fewer products, your hair will keep its natural look.

Neat wild locks

A medium-length men’s haircut can offer you a neat appearance. On the other hand, you can become a neat man with wild locks, because that is also possible with this hairstyle.

Wild locks are perfect if you naturally have a blow to your hair. These locks give a neat hairstyle a tough edge.

This can be a neat look during the day and a cool look at night.

The golden mean

A man who opts for a medium-length haircut is a man who wants to make an effort to always look perfect.

Often such a hairstyle requires some styling work early in the morning. That’s why many men choose to measure their hair down to the millimeter because if you don’t have time to style your hair, you will still look good that way.

Compared to the shortest possible haircut, you have to go to the hairdresser to maintain medium hair.

You cannot keep up a medium-length haircut yourself. You can do the shaving part yourself, it’s up to you.

A long men’s haircut requires even more work and time if you always want to keep it neat and tidy. The medium-length haircut is therefore a happy medium.

Men’s haircuts in different colors

If you currently have short hair and are considering trying a medium-length haircut, you will have to wait a few months to get there.

Hair grows fast, so that’s manageable. Have you found a nice haircut for your almost medium-length hair?

Then you can choose: do you want to leave it halfway or do you want to go for an even longer style? Or do you want to pare things back down to a cropped haircut?

If you go from very short to medium-length hair, don’t forget to visit the hairdresser or barber regularly. This will probably be a change for you, but with a medium-length men’s haircut, your hair might get a little wild.

That might not be the look you’re going for, but the hairdresser can help. Wild hair often develops around the ears and especially on the neck.

You should always upkeep a medium-length haircut, otherwise, the style will immediately become less impactful and look less good.

That is a big difference compared to a short haircut. Of course, you can also have your medium-length hair colored. These days, this can be done in every color of the rainbow.

Side part, short but long

A medium-length haircut is ideal for a man who doesn’t have a lot of time to spend on his hair but still wants to look put together.

Such hairstyles need a little cream or grease in the morning to create a great hairstyle that lasts all day long. You just need to rub some cream into your hands and then knead it delicately into the hair. Be gentle, because you want to avoid flattening the hair.

Do you have a bit more time to play around with your hairstyle? With a hairdryer and brush, you can easily add some volume and texture.

Essentially, you can spend as much or as little time on your hair as you want with a medium-length hairstyle.

Of course, a hairdresser or barber is always the best person to help you choose the medium-length hairstyle that would suit you best.

There’s no harm in trying — otherwise ask for the hairdresser’s advice

Hairdressers now use modern means to figure out your perfect hairstyle. For example, they often have programs where they can take a photo of your head, crop out your hair, and replace it with different hairstyles to give you an idea of what might suit you. That way you get a better idea than if you only pick a photo from a book as a starting point, or just the name of someone famous — like the football player Pelle, who played for Feyenoord for some time.

Pelle had a short haircut, with a sharp parting on the side, and people copied that haircut en masse. In that case, just mentioning the name Pelle was enough because then the hairdresser knew exactly what to do and the only question was on which side the sharp parting should go. However, Pelle is the exception, not the rule.

How to keep your full, messy haircut in shape

If you opt for a medium length men’s haircut, you can go for the full and messy haircut. Just let your hair grow a little longer, then use a greasy gel for styling before brushing your hair back.

Gradually your hair will loosen up a bit and some loose locks will come forward. This makes the hairstyle a bit playful.

Make friends with your hair dryer

Medium men’s hairstyles are ideal for curly and wavy hair, or you can create a wavy effect yourself.

Find a salt spray, then distribute it over your towel-dry hair. Then use your hairdryer to blow the hair in the direction you want the waves to go.

By using the hairdryer attachment you can distribute the air better.

The hairdryer is also your best friend when you’re transitioning from a short haircut to a medium-long haircut. All that’s left to do is to be patient.

Just let your hair grow during this period, and use the hairdryer to style the hair.

At this point, use a gel, paste, or cream to get it in better shape. Your hair will soon reach a good length for a medium-length hairstyle.

Then speak to your hairdresser, who can easily judge whether your hair is long enough to cut into a medium-length style.

Let the hairdresser do the work with the scissors

If you choose one of the medium-length men’s haircuts we’ve touched on, ask the hairdresser to use scissors exclusively.

You’ll then get a more covered style. The hairdresser will cut in layers, leaving a longer layer on top.

You should always choose a hairstyle that suits your face shape. If you’re not sure if a certain style would suit you, consult your hairdresser or barber. You can suggest certain hairstyles but they might not fit your face shape.

You can easily get inspiration when it comes to men’s haircuts. Although celebs are known for changing their hairstyles often, Barry Atsma, Thijs Römer, Benja Bruijning, and Shawn Mendes have the perfect medium-length hairstyles.

There are plenty of good products on the market

Let’s talk about taking care of your medium-length haircut. There are many products on the market that will help you style your hair perfectly, like clay for instance.

That said, more men choose to use pomade. With pomade, you can get creative with your hairstyle.

It looks wet and shiny, and gives a strong hold to your style. It’s suitable for medium and long hair.

You can also opt for a cream. For example, with cream, you can create the bedhead look. Cream is primarily a supporting product.

Next, we have wax. Wax provides a dry and shiny effect. It is suitable for a variety of hairstyles, but less suitable if you want a sleek haircut.

Gel is by far the most used product, although men have abandoned the idea that the more gel in your hair, the better, which is not always the case. Gel is known for its strong hold and shine.

Lastly, mousse is a product that is more often used by women. Men don’t usually turn to it, but it is a pretty great product to style your mid-length haircut.

Medium length hair has its pros and cons

Medium-length haircuts have pros and cons. For example, they require a little more effort in the morning before you go to work. In addition, with a medium-length haircut, you have to go to the hairdresser more often.

When it comes to hairstyles, you have a large choice: from the undercut or the pompadour to a longer and wavy style, a side part, or a neat haircut with wild locks.

A medium-length men’s haircut might mean that you prefer a messy, full style. There are plenty of products on the market to keep your hairstyle in good shape.

With medium-length hair, you can create lots of different looks with the same cut.