Long beard styles

Here you will find inspiration and advice for growing a healthy, long beard. After reading, you will know exactly how to get a long beard, what to look out for, and the different ways you can style a long beard, thanks to our extensive lookbook.

This beard style is the proverbial wet dream of many bearded men. It changes your personality. Changes how people view you.

Achieving the perfect beard takes way more than just simply not shaving. But what exactly is the definition of a long beard? And what does it take to get this length yourself?


Long beard lookbook

Looking for inspiration? Then let us inspire you with our extensive lookbook!

There is always a look that suits you and that accentuates your personal and unique style! Happy growing!

What is a Long Beard?

There is, of course, no scientific limit to the length of this beard style.

But for the sake of convenience, let’s set the limit on beards of 10 centimeters or longer.

Exactly how long a beard can grow differs per man and is mainly determined by genetics.

In general, a beard will reach its maximum length if you do not shave it for 6 consecutive years.

The maximum length therefore varies depending on how fast your beard grows. For some men it is half an inch per month, for others, it is one and a half centimeters per month.

That of course makes a huge difference to the final result.

Fun fact: the record holder of the man with the longest beard in the world is Hans Langseth, with a beard of more than 5 meters.

That might not be your goal, but there are plenty of ways to achieve a beautiful full beard.

How do you get a long beard?

As mentioned, developing a long beard goes further than simply never shaving again.

A long beard is a balanced process of a healthy lifestyle, high-quality care products, help from the right professionals, and a good dose of dedication.

Because without commitment, it will be a tough task. You are talking about the next 5 years of your life, if you want to go for an optimal and maximum result.

We have briefly listed the most important steps to success for you!

To achieve optimal growth, you need to trim your beard regularly.

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Thanks to a healthy lifestyle

Although you don’t have to radically change your life and adopt a super fit lifestyle, it’s a good idea to be healthy if you want to grow a thick, long beard.

Getting enough sleep promotes the right levels of testosterone in your body, which contributes to quicker (and better) beard growth.

The same goes for regular workouts or training. Strength training in particular is a proven and very effective way to maximize your testosterone levels.

With high-quality care products

As your beard gets longer and longer, it is inevitable that the beard will also hold more dirt.

The simple solution to this is of course to regularly clean and wash your beard. But regular washing quickly takes its toll.

That is why organic and high-quality beard shampoos, conditioners, and beard oil are also crucial to ensure that your beard hair does not dry out, become frizzy or develop split ends.

By using high-quality products, you ensure that your beard remains in optimal condition and that you ensure that the underlying skin does not become dry or irritated.

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Help from the right professionals

Of course, you can always take the scissors or clippers into your own hands and give grooming a go, but this can also go badly wrong.

Do you cut or shave in the wrong place or trim too much? Then you can be thrown back months in your progression.

So find a barber who specializes in maintaining and grooming this beard style.

With all due respect to the stylists who also take care of beards, good maintenance of long beards is really a profession in itself. So find an expert in this field to assist you.

Be Committed to Your Long Beard

Any road to success often involves falling down and picking yourself back up. And in the case of growing a long beard: prepare yourself for (several) bad beard days. There will be days when things go wrong.

It starts off badly, it hardly seems to grow, you no longer like it or there is something else wrong with it.

A long beard requires discipline, stamina, and dedication. So take a picture of your beard every week to keep track of your progress.

And hang on! Even on the days when you want to grab the razor and shave the whole thing off, your perseverance will pay off.

What can you expect with a long beard?

When you are at the beginning of your growth journey, the idea of a long beard may be overwhelming and interesting.

Still, a long beard is not necessarily the best choice for everyone.

A long beard can come with a lot of discomforts. Here’s a list of possible situations that you can expect.

You are your beard

Whatever your qualities or external characteristics are, with a beard of half a meter, everyone will see you as ’that man with that very long beard’. It will be your trademark and who you are.

Your shower drain becomes your best friend.

With a beard of respectable length, you will regularly find beard hair everywhere. In the shower, on the floor, in your food.

It is a healthy and natural process because the hair makes way for new healthy hair, but it is not always pleasant. Good combing also helps!

Grooming products are an absolute must

When you grow a beard, you will in theory go a long way without taking care of it. Hair will grow anyway.

But the chance that you will look scruffy in the foreseeable future is likely. A good time to keep your beard in tip-top condition with high-quality products, such as beard shampoo and beard oil.

You’ll Get Stuck All Over

If your beard has reached the length that it will come off your face a bit, you can prepare for it to get stuck. Seat belts, the zipper of your jacket, your backpack that you put on.

Everywhere. All day. Always. It hurts and it ends up getting annoying.

The benefits

Have you not yet pulled out after this extensive list of calamities that await you?

Beautiful! Because growing this beard style and the final result of this intensive period is one to celebrate!

Having a long beard is great! It feels fantastic in the wind, you are unique, everyone sees you and you can literally go in any direction you want.

Get started with the following points and get started today if you haven’t already started!

  1. Set yourself a specific height goal.
  2. Make a schedule for yourself.
  3. Ask for advice from professionals.
  4. Use quality products.
  5. Celebrate small and big successes.
  6. Take care of yourself and your beard with precise precision.
  7. Enjoy everything a long beard has to offer!