Gray hair men hairstyles

In this guide you will find hairstyle inspiration and ideas for gray hair, including haircuts for different styles and lengths and to suit both young and older men with different face types.


Gray hair lookbook

Age with grace

Gray hair offers options. Gray symbolizes wisdom in today’s world and shows that you have life experience. Take advantage of this and choose a style that complements your personality.

Just like applying for a mortgage or buying your first pair of reading glasses, getting gray is an inescapable part of getting older.

Many would make you believe it’s down to your demanding boss or unpaid student debt. But gray hair is not stress or lifestyle-related, it is simply a matter of genetic predisposition.

And while some of us would rather stay at home than go gray, there’s really no reason aging can’t work in your favor.

To celebrate going gray, we’ve put together this article based on quotes from real hairdressers on how to get the most out of your gray hair.

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Today’s celebrities (including the trendsetters George Clooney and Brad Pitt) show their gray hair without shame. They respond perfectly to their genetic predisposition and let their gray hair work to their advantage.

They probably have a personal stylist that will give them their full attention, but hey. Your hairdresser can provide professional advice just as well.

Gray hair can also be attractive. In America, older men with gray hair are called “Silver Foxes”.

Go gray in style

Maybe your first gray hair will show up as you are. Or maybe it is down to your genes and you found a gray hair before you turned thirty.

Gray locks give you a look of sophistication, experience and strength. And believe it or not, more and more men are not only embracing their gray hair, they are welcoming the new options this color offers.

While discovering your first few gray hairs may not be something to celebrate with a round of drinks, you still have it far better than your bare-headed peers.

“ Gray hair is a blessing. Just ask the balding man. ”

In fact, gray hair is so cool right now that people in their twenties can’t wait to get the look:

“We are seeing a huge increase in the number of young men who would actually like to dye their hair silver, gray or even white,” said a celebrity stylist, so gray is no longer just timelessly stylish, it is even fashionable.

Dyeing gray hair?

We are increasingly hearing nowadays that men choose a hairstyle based on their real hair color.

It is therefore no longer necessary to hide your gray hair, but it’s a natural color treatment to go for. You can consider coloring your existing gray hair in shades of gray.

If you plan to do this, please note the following: If you have a white scalp, we recommend using a soft, gray tone to prevent “white-on-white”.

If you have a darker skin tone, it is best to choose to color at least because the transition to white can be too much of a contrast.

If you’d rather keep your hair in color, choose a shade that is as close to your natural hair color as possible, without going too dark or too light, preferably with a matte finish.

It is wise to keep in mind that you need to color short hair often. Namely every three weeks, because outgrowth becomes visible more quickly. So, if you decide to cover up your gray hair, be prepared to put in a little extra work.

Taking care of your gray hair

If you keep things as nature intended, you will still have to take care of your gray locks, even if they are short.

Silver shampoo is a way to give gray hair a natural look, as it works well to cover up copper-colored tones in your hair.

By removing the yellowish tones from the hair, shampoo gives gray hair a vibrancy and healthy shine that will often otherwise be lacking.

Opting for an argan oil-enriched conditioner can also be helpful. Gray hair has little to no pigment and lacks the proteins that don’t just give hair color. In addition, argan oil gives your hair a healthier and soft texture.

Color rinsing has an effect on the natural nutrition of your hair. Therefore, use a nourishing conditioner to combat hair breakage and dry hair.

Argan oil, rich in vitamin E and omega-6 fatty acid linoleic acid, repairs damp hair. Handy if your hair is sensitive to frizz.

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