Full beard styles

Full beards are classified as a classic and timeless. It is not for every man, but definitely worth a try if you’re interested in this latest grooming trends. Find all inspiration for full beards here.


Full beard lookbook

A full beard is characterized by a number of different options and sub-styles.

In addition to the classic full beard, you also have the “Ducktail” and the “Mutton Chops”, which in their own way are a well-known variation on the full beard.

Curious about which type of full beard matches your face type or your personality well?

Be inspired by the lookbook below and choose a full beard that matches your style!

Full beard: classic and timeless

A full or classic beard is ideal for men who want to demonstrate a successful transition from boy to man with their beard.

Nevertheless, a full beard is not possible for every man to grow. This is mainly down to genetics, but you’ll only know if you can grow a full beard when you try.

“ A full beard is the hallmark of a masculine, classic and serious man. ”

A full beard naturally owes its name to the density of the facial hair and generally looks neat and tidy.

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Full beard: It takes a while

It may take a while before you have your full beard exactly the way you want it. A growth period of at least three months is required for a full beard, sometimes even extending to six months.

A full beard is particularly suitable for square and elongated face types and is relatively low maintenance. Even for a full beard, we only recommend care with high-quality products to ensure optimal growth.

After a few weeks, maintain the beard by trimming rebellious hair and neatening up the hairline on the cheeks. Opt to trim your beard yourself or have a barber do this.