Classic men hairstyles

In this guide you will discover which classic men's haircuts have stood the test of time, and which style might suit you best.

Hair trends come and go, but some hairstyles are so easy or striking that we can be pretty sure they will never go out of style. These hairstyles are popular among men of all backgrounds and ages.

Classic men’s haircuts are making (or have made) a comeback because they are timeless styles that look just as good today as they did years ago.


The pompadour is the best example of this because it is once again hugely popular at the moment.

Longer hairstyles that have the hair tucked back (e.g. the slick back) are still go-to styles among the self-confident Dutchman.

Nowadays, these types of hairstyles are supplemented with an undercut and shaved sides, and completed with a matte finish and textured top.

Your hair does more than just keep your head warm. It is a means to show your personality boldly.

You can also transform your style by easily changing up your hair.

In this article, you can read about the buzz cut, the slick back, the French crop, the side part, and the striking pompadour. We’ve added lookbooks to each of these classic men’s hairstyles, so you can show this to your hairdresser for inspiration.

Tip: we will be mentioning the most suitable face shapes for each hairstyle in this article, so read about which face shape you have in this article. That way, you can make a better choice if you want to try one of these classic men’s hairstyles.

The absolute #1 classic: the slick back

The slick back was popular around the 1920s because, during that time, men wore their long locks on top of their heads and mainly under their hats.

It was therefore practical for them to comb this long hair straight (slick) and backwards (back) and to keep it in place with lard (pomade). Since then, the hairstyle has been synonymous with the sophisticated gentleman.

It’s easiest to style the slick back on straight hair. If you have curly hair, a slick back is not recommended as you will probably need a lot of product to help the hair fall back nicely.

When you wear the slicked-back style, you’re essentially making a statement. This style works perfectly with an undercut if you’ve grown the hair on top of your head to at least 5 inches long.

If you have a slightly longer, rectangular face shape, then a slick back will suit you well.

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Classic men’s hairstyles #2: the side part

The side part is a timeless classic that has had many variations over the years but has never gone out of style.

There are many possible variations with a side part, from adding extra texture to a more refined look. You can style this classic men’s haircut in any way that suits you.

Age doesn’t matter for this hairstyle either. If you want to go for the more modern and somewhat younger version, then choose longer hair on top and shorter hair on the sides and back.

If you want to add a classic twist, try working with a product that gives your hair that extra shine.

The side part works great for any face type.

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Classic men’s hairstyles #3: the French Crop

The reason the French crop belongs on the list of classic men’s hairstyles is simple: this haircut is extremely easy, low-maintenance, and can easily be worn by anyone.f

It’s a minimalist take on a hairstyle. The French crop is characterized by short sides and matching short locks on the top of the head. It goes without saying that it is a very practical haircut because you can style it super quickly.

With that said, it is also a versatile hairstyle. For example, you can comb your hair forward and cover up any sparse spots. You also need little to no hair product to style your hair.

If you prefer to use some product, we recommend hairspray. Just don’t overdo it, as the French crop is a style that is meant to look natural.

Consider the texture of your hair if you want to try out this style.

If you have thicker hair, it is recommended that you let your hairdresser slightly thin out the top so that you have more options for styling the top of your hair. You will need to trim your hair roughly every three weeks.

In terms of face shape, a longer face is perfect for the French crop. Oval and diamond-shaped faces also show off the proportions of the French crop well.

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Classic men’s hairstyles #4: the Pompadour

The pompadour hairstyle has its roots in France, where Mrs. Pompadour was the first to wear and popularize this hairstyle.

Fun fact: this classic men’s hairstyle was worn by both men and women at the time.

The pompadour has tons of volume mostly focused at top of the head and is characterized by contrasting with the extra short sides. The pompadour is a classic thanks to the countless movie stars and musicians who have worn, and continue to wear, this hairstyle over the years.

Elvis Presley and James Dean are classic examples. Justin Timberlake and Justin Bieber are more recent examples. Either way, this hairstyle screams trendy and modern.

The oval and/or round face should work well with the pompadour, so if you’ve got either one, give it a try! The properties of this hairstyle correspond nicely with the properties of your face.

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Classic men’s hairstyles #5: The Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is yet another classic minimalist men’s haircut. The buzz cut has its origins in the military where new recruits had to have their hair shaved before their training.

With this hairstyle, no distinction could be made in background or style, creating a sense of unity. This hairstyle is also measured to the millimeter.

It automatically ensures that it’s your face that draws attention, rather than your hair. The buzz cut is shaved and trimmed with clippers on the lowest setting.

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