Buzz cut men hairstyles

In this guide you will discover whether the buzz cut hairstyle suits you. You will also read valuable tips, 5 compelling reasons to choose the buzz cut and the latest lookbooks full of inspiration to help you make a choice.


Good to know

So, we hear you’re looking for a hairstyle that is both bold and practical? Look no further! This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the buzz cut.

We’ll explain the different types of buzz cuts and other related hairstyles to give you inspiration for your next visit to your trusted barber or hairdresser.

The buzz cut (or buzzcut) is actually a generic collective name for short ‘buzzed’ hairstyles, in other words, cropped hair. The different terms such as crew cut, butch cut, Ivy League, induction cut are also used.

However, they are all cut hairstyles that are only styled with clippers (position 0 to position 4). So no scissors or other tools are used.

Due to its traditional roots, a buzz cut is mainly associated with military hairstyles.

Because it’s easy to mistake other kinds of short cuts for this hairstyle, this article shows the clear differences and origin of these hairstyles so that you are up-to-date with the correct names.

Getting a buzzcut

Five good reasons to consider a buzz cut

Going through life with a cropped haircut is a difficult decision for many. Which is normal considering our hairstyle is one of the first things that is noticed by the people you meet every day.

We will now take a closer look at some of the advantages (or disadvantages) of the buzz cut to help you make a decision.

1. An Easy Way to Change Your Look

Changing your hairstyle is the easiest and least invasive way to experiment with a new look.

This is even simpler with the buzz cut because you do not have to deal with a growth period (unlike long hair). With a little practice you can also update your hair yourself with a clipper.

Most of us have a favorite hairstyle and we only deviate from that occasionally.

If you decide to try a buzz cut you will notice the difference it makes in your appearance; it accentuates your jawline and gives you a cool and masculine look.

2. The Buzz Cut Saves Money

Men nowadays spend more and more on grooming and that only increases as your hair grows. Long hair (beard hair too) requires the use of more and more products.

To keep longer hair healthy and fresh, it is important to use shampoo more often, followed by a conditioner. During the day it is not strange to use a leave-in conditioner as you style it too.

And of course, pomade or wax is used to keep hair in shape.

With a buzz cut you save the use of almost all products. Shampoo and conditioner are not necessary, and neither is hair styling.

Depending on how short you want to keep your buzz cut, you will need to visit the barber or men’s salon more often.

But even then, buzz cuts generally cost less per haircut, and you can do it yourself just fine using a good pair of clippers.

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3. It’s low maintenance

A buzz cut is the best hairstyle if you’re looking for low maintenance.

By maintenance, we mean:

4. Buzz Cuts Hides Gray Hair

Gray hair normally starts appearing on men at the age of 30.

Gray hair is most noticeable when the hair gets longer, which is why a buzz cut works well for covering up gray hair, because they are simply less noticeable.

5. Buzz Cuts Cover Up Hair Loss

Hair loss in men is something that 80% of all men have to deal with at some point in their life.

It’s a bigger problem for some more than others, either way, we have to accept baldness.

The buzz cut is an excellent way to cover up hair loss. The transition between a bald scalp and the stubble is a lot less visible than when the hairs are longer.

Buzz Cut Variations

Discover the origins of this traditional hairstyle and find lookbooks with inspiration from celebrities and men who know how to wear it well.

Is the buzz cut seeming more like your next hairstyle? Then take these photos with you on your next trip to the hairdresser.

The original buzz cut, also known as the crew cut (and sometimes the butch cut)

As you read earlier, the term “buzz cut” is the collective name for hairstyles that are cut with clippers. So there is actually no unique hairstyle that can or should only be called a buzz cut.

The crew cut, on the other hand, is. The crew cut is characterized by the sides and back of the head that are shaved to the same length (trimmer position 2 to 3).

The hair on top of the head is shaved to a slightly longer length than the sides and back.

There are two different crew cuts: the European and the American. The American crew cut sees the hair on top at about 2.5 centimeters combined with shaved sides and back.

The Europe crew cut has less difference in hair length between the top and sides.

Crew cuts were especially popular among college students in the 1920s and 1930s, especially in the summer due to the cooling effect of the short hair. Crew cuts were also worn by soldiers on leave.

They first got the crew cut from their service, but many soldiers chose to keep wearing the crew cut on leave.

The crew cut is also called the ‘butch cut’.

You will actually not need styling products for a crew cut. If your hair does get a little too long, use a medium hold cream or wax to keep it in place.

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Crew cut / butch cut inspiration

The Induction Cut

The Induction Cut is the shortest of all variants of the buzz cut. To get this look, your hairdresser will shave your head with clippers without a stand plate (position 0).

This way you get the shortest possible version. The only way to go even shorter is if you shave your head completely bald.

The induction cut got its name from the military. New recruits were all given the same haircut so that there would be no distinction as to origin or culture.

The fact that head lice cannot get a hold on an extra short haircut, and is therefore a lot more hygienic, also plays a role in why this hairstyle is just so great.

It is also useful that enemies cannot grab you by your hair during 1 on 1 battles.

You don’t need any hair products to style an induction cut.

Induction cut inspiration

Ivy league hairstyle

The Ivy League variation of the buzz cut is a neat and smooth hairstyle that gives you an elegant look. Ivy League cuts can be styled in multiple ways and are therefore more versatile than the other versions we have discussed.

For example, you can choose to style your hair at the front of your head in a small pompadour, while your hair at the back of the head is cut shorter.

Because you want to create an elegant look, there’s no spikes or a striking quiff in an Ivy League hairstyle, just a sleek side part. So keep that in mind if you are considering an Ivy League look.

The Ivy League haircut is otherwise cut in exactly the same way as the crew cut, except that the top length is slightly longer, shaved from setting 4, as opposed to setting 2-3 where a crew cut is shaved.

The top of an Ivy League haircut can be trimmed with scissors.

Ivy League got its name from the students of “Ivy” schools in the United States.

These are schools such as Harvard, Brown, or Princeton, or highly regarded schools with a preppy culture. It is not the case that this haircut is mandatory, but we do see the haircut very often among the students.

To style an Ivy League hairstyle, we recommend a medium-hold wax or clay.

Ivy League hairstyle inspiration

Flat top

The flat-top (read: flattop) version of the buzz cut is characterized by the flattened top of the hairstyle. The hair on top is modeled upright with a generous portion of gel or wax.

The hair from the flat top on top of the head is usually 2-2.5 inches in length. The flat top is one of the easiest variations on the buzz cut.

However, it is best to check in advance whether your hairdresser has sufficient experience with cutting a flat top.

A Flat top hairstyle is best styled with a strong hold wax.

Flat top hairstyle inspiration

Jarhead or High & Tight Haircut

Perhaps you have heard the term ‘Jarhead’ or you’ve seen the movie with the same title.

This haircut is a military take on the buzz cut.

It is a short haircut that is mainly worn by marines. It shows the contour of the head clearly due to the length of the hair.

To get a High-and-Tight hairstyle, the sides and back are shaved on an even position (position 1 or). The top is then shaved into shape by a double position in length, (position 3 or 4), depending on the length chosen for the sides and back.

High and Tight inspiration


The buzz cut and its variants are timeless hairstyles. Just shave the hair short and you’re done.

It comes from the need for a practical haircut and is intended for men who do not want to stand in front of the mirror for too long in the morning.

Since these variations suit almost any face type, you really can’t go wrong. For the somewhat longer variants such as the flat top, it’s best to visit a hairdresser or barber with experience.