Blonde hair men hairstyles

In this guide you will find hairstyle inspiration and ideas for men with blonde hair, including different styles and lengths that suit different face types.

You have countless options with blonde hair! Most people (hint: women) probably associate a blonde-haired man with the sun, exotic beaches, and cool surfer boys.

You can’t change that. Blondes are just thought to be very beautiful. Blonde hair is a gorgeous hair color for different men’s haircuts and can be styled in almost any way.

It can be styled in many different colors, from platinum blonde to dirty blonde, so it can be worn in a variety of ways to fit different skin tones and tastes.

Many men nowadays choose blonde hairstyle and go for a blonde-gray or white-gray look.

Note: Dyeing a well-matching blonde color is a specialty. Check with your current hairdresser whether he has sufficient experience with bleaching.

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Lookbook and inspiration for blonde hair

Because blonde hair can be styled in many different ways, we’ve put together a large lookbook for you with many blonde men’s hairstyles. There are both new haircuts and styles that have been around for a long time.

25 Sexy hairstyles for blonde men

There is a wide range of options for styling blond hair. Blonde hair is ideal for textured cuts because it reveals more depth and movement.

1. Classic Crew Cut  

A timeless choice, the crew cut is short and neat. Blonde hair in this style accentuates facial features and is low-maintenance. Best suited for professional settings, it can also be styled with some pomade for a casual look.

2. Undercut

The undercut hairstyle features short sides and a long top. For blonde men, this contrast is even more pronounced, making it a bold choice. Style the top with a little product for volume and hair texture.

3. Taper Fade

Fading from short to shorter, the taper fade is both modern and neat. With blonde hair, the fade can be a subtle blend, making it versatile for both casual and formal occasions.

4. Side Part

This retro style screams sophistication. With blonde hair, the side part offers a touch of Hollywood glamour. Just ensure the part is neat and the sides are slicked down.

5. Pompadour

A voluminous style, the pompadour requires some length. Blonde hair adds a contemporary touch to this classic. Keep it in place with some strong-hold pomade.

6. Messy Fringe

Casual and carefree, the messy hair or fringe is for the laid-back guy. With blonde hair, it adds an extra touch of surfer vibes. Use a light styling cream for the perfect texture.

7. Buzz Cut

An ultra-short style, the buzz cut is both brave and low maintenance. On blonde men, it can emphasize the skin tone and facial structure.

8. Man Bun

A trendy option, the man bun requires long hair. Blonde hair gives a softer touch to the look. It’s a perfect option for those who want a hipster or bohemian vibe.

9. Quiff

A voluminous quiff is both modern and retro. With blonde hair, it adds a layer of softness to an edgy look. Use some volume-boosting mousse for the best results.

10. Textured Crop

This is a short, choppy style that’s high on texture. Blonde hair accentuates the different lengths, and it’s perfect for a casual, modern vibe.

11. Comb Over

A comb-over is a versatile choice, fitting both formal and casual settings. For blonde men, it adds a touch of sophistication. Style it with some lightweight pomade.

12. Long Waves

For those with naturally wavy hair, embracing the length can be perfect. Blonde waves cascading down can give a romantic, poetic look.

13. Boxed Fade

A boxed fade is neat with sharp lines. Blonde hair adds a contemporary edge. It’s a bold choice, perfect hairstyle for making a statement.

14. Faux Hawk

Edgy without the commitment of a mohawk, the faux hawk is youthful and bold. With blonde hair, it can be styled with soft spikes or kept textured.

15. Slicked Back

A slicked-back look is polished and timeless. Blonde haircut gives it a modern update. Ensure you use a good-quality hair gel to maintain the sleekness.

16. French Crop  

Short and textured, the French crop is understated yet stylish. For blonde men, it emphasizes the texture, making it an excellent choice.

17. Angular Fringe

This is a longer style, with the hair angled towards the brow. Blonde hair adds dimension, making the angles pop.

18. Disconnected Undercut

With a stark contrast between the top and sides, this style is bold. Blonde hair accentuates the “disconnected” nature, making it a modern favorite.

19. Top Knot

Similar to a man bun but situated at the crown, the top knot is edgy. Blonde hair softens the look, making it a balanced choice.

20. Hard Part

A defined side part, this style is both modern and retro. Blonde hair emphasizes the parting, making it sharp and noticeable.

21. Blowout

A style that looks like it’s always wind-blown, the blowout is voluminous. Blonde hair adds a touch of softness, making it look effortlessly chic.

22. Braids

For longer hair, braids are both functional and stylish. With blonde hair, they can look ethereal, adding a unique touch.

23. Curtains

A 90s favorite, curtains are making a comeback. Blonde curtains frame the face, giving a youthful, nostalgic vibe.

24. Spikes

A more punk-rock choice, spikes are bold. With blonde hair, they can be styled soft for a more modern twist or kept edgy.

25. Curls

For those with natural curly hair, embracing them can be perfect. Blonde curls add volume and texture, giving a unique, standout look.

How to take care of blonde hair

Taking care of blonde hair, especially if it’s color-treated, requires some special considerations to maintain its luster, health, and vibrancy.

Using high-quality sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner designed for color-treated hair helps to prevent blonde hair color from fading and keeps the hair nourished.

Regular use of hair dryers, straighteners, or curling irons can cause color-treated blonde hair to become dry and damaged. When you do style, always use a heat protectant spray.

Also, regular trims, every 6-8 weeks, can help get rid of split ends and keep blonde hair looking fresh and healthy.

Lastly, a lightweight hair serum can help protect against frizz, give shine, and provide a barrier against environmental pollutants.