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Interested in trying the bangs hairstyle? In this guide you will work out whether it suits you. You'll also find tips and tricks for styling.


Bangs lookbook

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Advantages of this hairstyle

Are you ready for a different look but you don’t want to take a radical approach to your hair? Maybe you’re looking for a short to a medium-length haircut that suits every face type?

Bangs could be perfect for you!

It’s one of the few hairstyles you can style to make certain features of your face stand out or hide them.

With bangs, you can make an elongated face appear shorter and cover up a large forehead. This hairstyle can easily transform both your hair and your face.

There are three types of bangs:

But then there’s also volume to consider. Do you want to keep your hair close to your forehead or wear it higher? Opting for height will automatically give you a tousled look.

The best thing about wearing bangs is that they work differently for almost everyone and can look very unique.

You can go in all kinds of directions with bangs. So why not start with the short version and then let your hair grow out slowly?

You can try out other styles and looks along the way.

In this guide, discover how to best style your bangs, which products work the best, and find plenty of inspiration as well.


Having bangs is a style where the hair is combed forward and falls over the forehead.

When styled short, the hair doesn’t fall below the eyebrows. Opting for the shorter style naturally ensures that you are not too busy in the morning.

For “long bangs”, the hair falls further over the eyebrows. It is a striking style with less texture, resulting in the natural floppy look we all know and love.

There is also the “angular” version where the hair is, in a way, styled to one side. This usually means that part of the face is completely covered.

Then finally, there is the option for men with curly hair. This can work with any of the three above versions.

Styling your bangs

To style your bangs, start out by blow-drying your hair. While doing this, use a coarse-toothed comb to create a more natural look as the hair dries.

Blow-drying also gives your hair the necessary volume needed to create this look.

Next, rub a modest amount of wax or pomade between your fingers and distribute it from the center of your head working out towards the forehead.

But don’t use too much product! You’ll want to get the natural fringe effect.

Alternatively, gather all of your hair together and style it in one go. Divide the wax or pomade along the length of the hair, but focus more on the ends.


A hairdryer

To achieve good hair volume, a hairdryer is the best way to start. But be careful because heat is damaging to hair. If blowdried too much or too often, your hair can become brittle.

Wax or pomade

You can choose between glossy or matte products to style your bangs. If you have thin hair and want a natural look, opt for mattifying products. Either way, don’t use too much!

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