Bald with beard

Are you unsure whether you should take the step to a new bald look? In this guide you will discover whether a bald appearance in combination with a beard suits you.



Not sure exactly what to expect? Check out the lookbooks below to give you inspiration for the bald look in combination with either a stubble, full beard, or even a full-grown beard.

Bald with a stubble beard

Bald with a full-grown beard

As you might notice, the style for a full-grown beard has grown quite a length.

A full-grown beard is a beard that has been grown for over 6 months which can be considered as “fully grown”.

You have the choice to give your beard a sprawling appearance (minimal trimming) or to give it a well-groomed appearance by cutting and trimming it into a shape.

The bald man with beard

Recently (read: recent years) a bald appearance in combination with a beard increased in popularity.

Shaving the head is nothing new, of course, but given that the beard has been on the rise since 2015/2016 (and its popularity has not diminished), this look is a common option for men who:

This look works well for any beard length for men of all ages.

Once your head is shaved, any beard style will suit you: short stubble, full beard, goatee, and even a full-grown beard.

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A bald ‘haircut’ is, compared to other hairstyles, low maintenance and is nowadays a much-preferred look for men who want to combine practical with tough.

Checklist: the pros and cons

Read the list of pros and cons carefully below and decide for yourself whether it is worth going for a bald look.

It’s a bold step to take, but if we are to believe the men who have gone before you, there are very few who are really unhappy with their choice.

1. This look has the ability to adjust your face shape

Without cosmetic surgery, it is possible to optically change the shape of your face by combining bald with a beard.

As any barber or hairstylist can tell you, you can perfectly accentuate or cover up features of your face with a certain hairstyle and beard style.

Obviously, if you go bald you will not be able to do that with your hairstyle, but the length of your beard can make up for that.

For example, if you want to make your round face shape narrower and you use a quiff or a longer hairstyle that has a lot of height, you can do the opposite with the beard style: you choose a goatee or ducktail.

A ducktail beard makes the face look so much longer.

2. Women find you more attractive

Research has shown that women consider bald men with beards more attractive.

Bald men with beards score well with women on things such as dominancy, strength, and masculinity.

It is no secret that a bald man with a beard is a good mix between tough and masculine and women confirm that.

3. You can make a statement and show who you are

To continue with the above; showing who you are can make you look much more attractive.

You’re essentially making a statement by showing who you are, with a look that you think suits you.

This shows that you choose for yourself and are not afraid of any stereotypes or prejudices.

Although a bald look in combination with a beard can be seen more and more these days, it is still seen less often than other beard and hairstyle combos.

That makes this look seem like a good choice. You stand out as an early adopter and you’ll make a lasting impression.

And if you can be memorable, it could also automatically open other doors for you.

4. Cold days will feel colder

Men who have a shaved head or undercut know the feeling; cold days with colder winds actually feel much colder for you.

You immediately notice the lack of hair that usually keeps your head warm.

But it’s only a small disadvantage and if you really hate the cold, it’s easy to solve by drinking vodka with your breakfast wearing a hat, beanie, or cap.

5. You need to remember to take sunscreen with you now.

This may seem obvious, but it’s still important to mention.

The scalp, which is always well protected by your hair, is not used to overexposure to UV radiation and will most likely burn quickly.

Therefore, always apply sunscreen when you go outside (even when the sun is not shining, there is UV radiation, so be careful!).

Use at least SPF 30!

6. Good balance

Most likely you are considering embracing a bald look because you are starting to see the first bald spots or notice that your hair is starting to thin.

By choosing to shave your head and combine it with a beard you will find balance again.

Your head may be bald, but you balance it with the hair on the face.

If you want your beard to be well-groomed and tidy, it will give off the same impression as if you had a certain hairstyle.

7. Regular shaving

This is slightly contradictory to the argument of being able to spend less time in front of a mirror with a bald head.

If you go bald you will have to shave regularly to keep the full bald look.

Invest in a quality razor and read our in-depth wet shaving guide where we explain how to best shave, step by step.

8. No more razor burn and irritations after shaving

A common problem among men: irritated skin with red bumps after shaving.

Often called ‘razor burn’, it can be really annoying if you have this. However, this can be solved by shaving with a safety razor or using an after-shave balm with Aloe Vera.

Of course, this won’t bother you at all as soon as you let your beard grow.

The scalp is also a lot less sensitive than the cheeks and neck. So that razor burn or irritation after shaving the head is considerably less noticeable. In many cases, it will not even bother you at all.

Which beard is best for a bald head?

It is difficult to choose the perfect beard style due to the growth period.

But rest assured: the best beard style is entirely subjective. In our opinion, there is no one beard style that is best for you as a person.

There are a number of guidelines that are relevant to your face shape, but we advise you to just experiment.

Start with beard styles for one month and work your way up from there.

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The choice to shave your head is an important step for many. But given the popularity of this look, it seems to have been a good choice for many men.

If we look at the list of pros and cons, most men will discover that there are more benefits to going bald with a beard.

Common reasons for choosing this look are that it comes across as a more masculine look and you’ll spend less time in front of a mirror.

A bald look is suitable for men of any age and beard length.