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In this article you can read everything you need to know about pomade so that you can make the best choice to style your favorite hairstyle to perfection .

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What is a pomade? What different types of pomade are there? And which pomades work best? You will find the answers to all these questions and more in this article.

Think pomade is old-fashioned? Think again! In recent decades, the product has been on a resurgence!

The pomade or better known as the glossy hair wax comes in all kinds of variants to make every hair type shine.

What is a pomade?

The term pomade is often used as an umbrella for all kinds of hair products.

The oil-rich product has its origins in the 18th century when it was made from animal fat.

Due to its scarcity and cost, the product was only used in elite circles.

During the 19th century, the structure changed and mostly leaned on beeswax to create the smooth look.

It is also during this period that pomade became known to the wider public.

Despite the umbrella term, there is a clear distinction between a pomade and the well-known gel or wax that we know today.

The stiff structure ensures that you can style both hairstyles and beards.

Pomades are also used by women for the eyebrows. In addition to the stiffness, the wet look is also characteristic, which perfectly shapes all hair types.

It was better known in recent decades, but also had a number of peak times.

The highlight is undoubtedly in the 1950s when none other than Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley conquered many a woman’s heart with their legendary slicked back ‘dos.

It is therefore no surprise that the pomade derives from, among other things, the rockabilly culture.

Since 2010 we have seen a revival of the range and we are only very happy with that!

The range has grown to countless variants that ensure that your hair and beard will shine.

Water-based pomades

We are increasingly seeing a shift in the structure of the original product. The pomade is characterized by its stiff character in which your hairstyle is resistant to almost all setbacks, but this is increasingly making way for the water-based pomade.

Where the oil-based pomade is stiff and guarantees control over your hairstyle, you have greater flexibility and applicability when using water-based products.

Restyling your hairstyle several times a day becomes child’s play with a water-based pomade.

The downside of this shiny product, however, is that the style is less durable. Where the traditional product guarantees resilience at all times, you have less control with the water-based products.

Just think of a rain shower or extremely humid environment.

Where the traditional pomade requires several washes to wash out the oil-rich product, with a water-based pomade it is removed in just one wash.

This is often seen as a great benefit to many consumers. The use of pomade with only a quiff is a thing of the past!

We use a whole range of hair products worldwide. That is why we will discuss below the market leaders in the field of grooming and hairstyling with the latest trends with pomades.

Layrite pomade

California is known for looks and sophisticated appearance. It is therefore no wonder that the pomade is known here by many men, but increasingly also by women. Earlier we stated that the popularity was accompanied by peaks and troughs.

1999 was such a peak and that was why Donnie Howley launched Layrite.

Ironically, the biggest hurdle for Howley was the stiffness and was therefore one of the first to come up with a pomade completely water-based.

For them, this meant a revival in which his creativity no longer knew limits based on styling.

More than 20 years later, Layrite has become a household name that also offers shampoo and shaving gel, among other things. And even now, during the global pandemic, it comes to the market with a special hand gel.

Reuzel pomade

In the middle of the bustling city of Rotterdam you will find Schorem, an old-school barbershop that is on the front line every day to combine their passion, innovation and style into barber art.

In addition to giving workshops, we have also specialized in their own pomade, namely the Reuzel pomade.

As they say themselves: “A high-hold pomade hair products so thick your wee little finger gets stuck in the tin.”

In addition to the traditional products, Reuzel also has a wide range including shaving gel and shampoo and even merchandise for the real fans!

Suavecito pomade

The American brand Suavecito is also one of the market leaders. Based in California, they conquer the market worldwide, with the exception of the African continent.

They don’t just deliver a product but go for a cultural experience when you use their products.

Their origins come from the rockabilly and troubadour scene and have grown into a worldwide phenomenon through music and festivals.

An important element for them is pricing. In their opinion, this is how they offer the best quality for their price.

In addition to Suavecito, they have also developed into an all-female industry, namely Suavecita. Think of products suitable for styling eyebrows.

When looking at the range, we immediately see how extensive the range is. They specialize in quality where a large target group can use their qualitative products.

Best pomade

So you want to know about the best pomade. This is a difficult one, because over the years so many variants have been developed for all possible hair types.

The length and quality of your hair matter here, but also personal styling needs.

Earlier, we discussed that there is a difference between oil-based and water-based pomade. This is a personal choice made based on your own preferences.

We have listed the 10 most popular pomades of the moment for you.

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It is now clear that the choice is huge and that no hair type is too crazy. Find out which product is suitable for your hair type and give your haircut or beard the shine it deserves!