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Looking for the latest and greatest nose trimmer? Through this buying guide we guide you to the brand and purchase that suits you best.

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When we talk about hair care, you probably immediately think of your haircut or beard. However, there are also other areas of the body that are shaved by some men.

Among other things, abdominal hair and chest hair are shaved by some men. This also applies to leg hair (eg, by cyclists) and nose hair. To touch up your nose hair, you need a specific tool: a nose trimmer.

Nose hair is not acceptable according to the ideal images. For men who want to look neat, it is therefore vital to trim the nose hair. After all, hair that points (too) far out of the nose isn’t ideal.

It is essential to realize that nose hair has a vital function. When you breathe through your nose, dirt will enter your nose. This dirt is in the air and can therefore end up in your nose when you breathe.

The nose hairs have an important function in this area: they essentially stop the dirt.

Trimming nose hair

Nevertheless, it is advisable to trim your nose hair from time to time. You have several options to do that. However, updating your nose hair with a nose trimmer is the way to go. Other options include clipping the nose hairs or using tweezers.

In this article, we would like to discuss the best nose trimmers with you. We, at LooksThatWork, have reviewed and rated every nose trimmer.

Below you can find the top 10. Before we discuss the top 10, we would like to give you some useful tips first. With the tips below you can use a nose trimmer to perfection:

What to pay attention to when buying a nose trimmer?

In this guide you will find the 10 best nose trimmers of the moment. A unique point in this list is the variety of brands. Several manufacturers play a prominent role. And not surprisingly: Philips mainly dominates the first places.

The offer is therefore quite diverse. In the end, this also results in a difficult choice: which brand and model are you going for?

With the list below you have the most important criteria for purchasing a nose trimmer:

In short: when purchasing a nose trimmer you have to pay attention to several aspects. Once you have found the desired nose trimmer, you can enjoy a wonderful result.

The nose hairs are trimmed in a comfortable and pleasant way. Moreover, the purchase price of the best nose trimmers is relatively low.

Buy one of the aforementioned nose trimmers right away and get a well-groomed look!

The best nose trimmer of 2023

1. Philips NT3160/10

Only one product can be the best within each niche. In the world of nose trimmers, the Philips NT316010 is the very best in our opinion.

This is partly due to the handy function, but also to the favorable price. The price-quality ratio of this Philips nose trimmer is sublime.

If you decide to purchase this nose trimmer, you will only pay around € 23. For that amount you also get several accessories included. You get 2 eyebrow combs, a travel pouch and AA batteries as standard.

The 2 eyebrow combs also immediately show the multifunctionality of the nose trimmer. It is also possible to update your ear hair and eyebrows with this nose trimmer.

When trimming the nose, you have perfect control over the Philips NT316010. This is partly due to the ergonomic design.

The device is pleasant to hold and is also easy to ‘control’. You can touch up or trim the nose hair in a very targeted way.

It is also absolutely nice that this nose trimmer is waterproof. This means that you can clean the nose trimmer under the tap. When trimming the nose hairs, hairs can get into the nose trimmer.

You can easily remove this thanks to the waterproof properties.

Are you afraid of cuts during or after shaving? With the Philips NT316010 you don’t have to worry about that. The blades have a rounded shape.

This simply prevents wounds and the hairs are not pulled too hard.

Product features:

Good and could be better

2. Philips NT5180/15

It is also possible to use the Philips NT518015 as an ear trimmer or eyebrow trimmer. With the purchase of this nose trimmer you therefore have a multifunctional device at your disposal.

Moreover, you certainly do not pay a hefty price for this nose trimmer. You can buy the device for around € 27.00 from our partner.

Another advantage is that you get several accessories with this nose trimmer. Think of tweezers, nail scissors, a travel case, AA batteries, and a nail clipper.

With the naming of the AA batteries, we did arrive at one of the few drawbacks. This nose trimmer works on batteries and not, for example, on a battery or mains power.

Worried that trimming your nose hair will hurt? That is absolutely not the case with the Philips NT518015. This nose trimmer does not pull the hair out of your nose.

No, they are trimmed in a nice and gentle way. Using this nose trimmer is therefore completely painless.

We would also like to mention the design of this nose trimmer from Philips. The design looks particularly attractive and ensures perfect use. The nose trimmer holds nicely and can reach all difficult places.

Product features:

Good and could be better

3. Braun EN10

You can immediately see that Braun has paid a lot of attention to the trimmer’s design. The nose trimmer looks stylish and also feels very light. You can easily control the trimmer so that all hairs are trimmed from your nose.

Trimming the nose hair is also very smooth with the Braun EN10. The hairs are not forcibly pulled from the nose. No, removing the hair is easy and completely painless. The chance of wounds is also very small.

We would also like to mention the price tag of this Braun EN10. You pay an average amount of € 21.99 for this device. For that amount, you will not only receive the nose trimmer, but also a protective cap and AA batteries.

The Braun EN10 could have been even higher in the rankings, but unfortunately, we found two drawbacks. For example, the nose trimmer works on batteries (not always handy) and it is also not as multifunctional as the variants mentioned above.

Product features:

Good and could be better

4. BaByliss for Men E650E

A striking feature of this nose trimmer is the design. The black color gives a dark appearance to the nose trimmer. At the same time, the fully round trimming head provides a beautiful contrast.

It is of course not without reason that BaByliss has decided to use a round trimming head. The round trimming head ensures that you can get into your nose at all places.

All hairs in your nose can therefore be trimmed, so that you can walk optimally.

If you use the BaByliss for Men E650E, you don’t have to worry about wounds or irritations. The round trimming head makes a rotating movement.

This movement really trims the hairs instead of pulling them out of your skin.

After trimming the nose hairs, the hairs often remain in the nose trimmer. With the BaByliss for Men E650E you are able to rinse these hairs away under the tap.

But beware: only the trimming head is waterproof. This does not apply to the rest of the device.

Product features:

Good and could be better

5. Wahl 9962WN

An advantage of this travel kit is that it is multifunctional. Basically, it is a beard trimmer.

However, it is also possible to trim your nose hair, ear hair, and eyebrows.

If you decide to purchase this Travel Grooming Kit, you will also receive many accessories: Storage pouch, nose, and ear trimmer, beard trimmer, beard trimmer attachment, brush attachment, comb, scissors, nail clippers, file, tweezers, brush, oil, and 2 AA batteries.

We would also like to mention that the nose trimmer from this Travel Grooming Kit is waterproof.

This means that you can rinse the nose trimmer under the tap. So you don’t have to spend too much time on this.

Product features:

Good and could be better

6. Wahl triple head

For the time being, the features of these nose trimmers don’t vary a lot. Several manufacturers are clearly capable of manufacturing high-quality nose trimmers.

That certainly also applies to Wahl. This manufacturer has done an absolutely good job with the Wahl Triple Head.

What is immediately noticeable is the relatively favorable price tag. You pay much less for this nose trimmer at just € 17.00. Compared to the above options, this is the cheapest nose trimmer.

For that relatively low amount, you get a well-functioning nose trimmer. This is partly due to the design. By slightly flattening out some areas, Wahl has managed to use the perfect grip.

The Wahl Triple Head is therefore rightly referred to as a ‘handy precision trimmer’.

Moreover, it is very nice that you get several accessories included. You will receive three interchangeable cutting heads. What to do with that?

With these cutting heads, it is possible to get rid of hair from other body parts as well. Your ears, eyebrows and pubic area, among other things, can be perfectly trimmed.

It is very unfortunate that this nose trimmer does not have a rinceable head. So if you want to clean the nose trimmer, you have to set aside some time for that.

It would have been a lot nicer if you could have just kept the Wahl Triple Head under the tap. Unfortunately that is not possible.

Product features:

Good and could be better

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7. Remington NE3455

Remington is also represented in this top 10 of best nose trimmers. Just like the manufacturers listed above, Remington has done a good job.

The Remington NE3455 is proof of that. This nose trimmer has some special features.

It is immediately noticeable that you will receive a handy pouch with this nose trimmer. You can also use this nose trimmer perfectly when traveling. You can also take various accessories with you in the handy travel pouch.

When purchasing the Remington NE3455 you will receive several brush heads. With these brush heads you can trim the nose hairs in the most difficult places.

For example, the brush heads reach the extreme corners of the nostril. You will also receive a comb and scissors for optimal results.

Remington also spent a lot of time designing this nose trimmer. On the outside of the nose trimmer, you will see several ridges and flattened areas.

These aspects ensure the perfect grip. You can therefore operate the nose trimmer perfectly.

Did the Remington NE3455 get dirty after trimming the nose hair? Are these nose hairs all over and in the device? No problem.

Thanks to the rinseable head you can rinse these hairs directly under the tap.

Product features:

Good and could be better

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8. Remington NE3150

Remington was also on position 6 in this list with the Remington NE3455. The fact is that the Remington NE3150 is also a very pleasant nose trimmer and we have included this trimmer as a great budget choice. A place in this top 10 is therefore fully deserved.

If you look at this nose trimmer, you see a sleek design. The design is also tailored to the hands of a man. This makes this nose trimmer particularly nice to hold. There are flattened areas in the right places, so that your hand and fingers have an optimal grip.

It is also very nice that you can rinse Remington NE3150 under the tap. The device is waterproof, so you don’t have to clean it yourself. No, hold the nose trimmer under the tap and the running water will do all the work.

Finally, we would like to mention the self-sharpening cutting blades. These cutting blades have a long lifespan and ensure a perfect treatment of the nose hairs. Thanks to the operation of these cutting blades, the hairs are neatly cut. So you will not suffer from irritations or wounds after using this nose trimmer.

Product features:

Good and could be better

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9. Panasonic ER-GN30-K503 nose and ear trimmer

We also see a new manufacturer in the list in 9th place. Panasonic also supplies a well-functioning nose trimmer in the form of the Panasonic ER-GN30-K503. This nose trimmer is multifunctional and has a striking design.

The most striking thing about the design is the color scheme. By using multiple colors, this nose trimmer looks special. An absolute eye-catcher in the bathroom. But, meanwhile, the function has also been thought of in the design. The Panasonic ER-GN30-K503 holds very nicely.

In addition to updating the nose hairs, you can also update your ear hairs. You can therefore use this nose trimmer for multiple purposes. Very pleasant. In addition, the price tag can also be called market-based. You pay about 22 euros for this nose trimmer from Panasonic.

Do you want to clean the device? Then you first have to remove the head from the device. You can also choose to hold the cup under running water. The entire device is waterproof according to the specifications.

Product features:

Good and could be better

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10. BaByliss for Men E652E

The last place in this top 10 is taken by BaByliss. We also saw this manufacturer in 4th place. The BaByliss for Men E652E is definitely a nose trimmer that also belongs in this top 10.

Earlier in this top 10, we already praised the BaByliss device for its design. This also applies to the BaByliss for Men E652E. This device is also completely designed in black and has ridges on the side. These ridges ensure that your fingers have a perfect grip. Thanks to this perfect grip, it is easy to operate the nose trimmer.

At the head you see a revolving head coming back. Due to this rotating movement, the nose hairs are neatly trimmed and not pulled out roughly. With this nose trimmer, you will not suffer from cuts or an irritated feeling. Afterward, you can also rinse the head under the tap to remove the remaining hairs.

As a final advantage, we would like to mention the multi-functionality. You can also use this nose trimmer for trimming ear hair. It is also possible to neatly update the eyebrows. When purchasing the BaByliss for Men E652E you will receive a separate attachment, especially for the eyebrows.

Product features:

Good and could be better

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