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Best conditioner men

April 23, 2021 · 5 min read

Conditioner is a care product with a unique effect that, in combination with shampoo, provides the most intensive and optimal care for the hair. In this article you can read how, what and why a conditioner is indispensable in your weekly hair care routine.


Conditioners are formulated with nourishing ingredients that your hair naturally needs.

These ingredients create hair that feels stronger, softer and shinier. This often means that you can style your hair more easily.

Conditioner is remarkably not regularly used by the Dutch man today.

We want to change that, because the results are so great that it’s strange for such an important step to be skipped in your personal care.

The function and effect of shampoo

To understand the intensive effect of conditioner, we must first look at hair from a microscopic level.

The outer layer (culicuta) looks kind of like scales that are layered over each other.

The hair’s natural oils are stored under this layer. These partly serve as a source of nutrition for your hair, which gives it the much-loved shine and softness.

Shampoos open this outer layer as you wash and literally dissolve the oils.


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This is why you wash your hair; to get rid of that greasy look.

That is natural of course, but it’s also the reason that excessive shampoo use makes your hair feel dull and lifeless.

Your hair has not been given the opportunity to repair itself after the deep shampoo cleanse.

The function and effect of conditioner

Conditioner works in the opposite way to shampoo. The conditioner recipe contains natural nutrients for your hair.

These nutrients such as Keratin are slowly absorbed into your hair when used. That is why you should always let conditioner soak in before you rinse.

Conditioner then closes the outer layer (culicuta) of your hair on which these important nutrients are directly absorbed.

In this way, your hair instantly receives the necessary care it needs to feel soft and shine healthily.

Your hair becomes stronger and has more vitality after being nourished by the nutrients.

This vitality is important because your hair is exposed to water, cold weather and the daily use of pomade, gel or other styling products.

The difference between healthy hair and hair that does not receive enough nutrition can be seen in this image:

The collaboration between shampoo and conditioner

As you can see, the additional effect of conditioner on shampoo is necessary to maintain the general health of your hair.

Wherever you treat your skin with a nourishing lotion or cream after showering, your hair needs the same care.

Shampoo dissolves the natural fats, then conditioner replenishes them. This effect, in combination with each other, produces non-greasy, strong hair that shines.

You’ll also find that your hair is easier to style and needs less product to style.

When to use a conditioner?

We recommend washing your hair no more than 2-3 times a week, followed by a conditioner. This gives your hair time to recover on its own.

Use a conditioner after you wash your hair so that it can get to work properly. Leave the conditioner on for 2-3 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

You’ll immediately notice the nourishing effect of conditioner.

Buy condition for men

As you read, you’ll learn that using a quality conditioner for men improves the health of your hair.

We advise you to pay attention to the ingredients when buying conditioner (make it as natural as possible!) And to look at the brand.

Obviously, the scent you choose is completely up to you, so include that as a factor in your decision.

Best conditioner men

1. Baxter Daily fortifying conditioner

Fragrance palette: Fresh, mint

Experience the new and improved formula of the Daily Fortifying conditioner. Fortifying is an enriched conditioner with the well-known mint scent from Baxter. The new formula contains coconut oil and vitamin E for optimal care of the hair for natural growth cycle and shine. Buy it here

2. OlaPlex hair perfector

Fragrance palette: classic, masculine

The professional Olaplex hair mask protects the hair against damage caused by coloring. It works as an aid and is not a hair dye.

Free from silicones, oil, sulfates, phthalates, DEA and aldehydes. In addition, Olaplex has not been tested on animals. The product repairs the broken sulfur bridges of the hair. Buy it here

3. Layrite moisturizing conditioner

Fragrance palette: sweet, masculine

A cocktail of nourishing vitamins and minerals, it’s developed by the Layrite barbers and specially formulated to optimally care for your hair after using shampoo.

One of the brand’s best sellers will undoubtedly give you a great experience. Buy it here

4. Syoss keratin conditioner

Fragrance palette: fresh, masculine

Hair perfection for dry and lifeless locks. The new SYOSS KERATINE HAIR PERFECTION contains 80% more Keratin, which restores your hair with every wash. For 100% strength, flexibility & shine, as if you just returned from the hairdresser. Buy it here

5. Reuzel conditioner

Give your hair incredible care for an optimal growth cycle and healthy shine with the nourishing conditioner from Reuzel.

Reuzel daily conditioner is a mix of nourishing vitamins and ingredients with a nourishing effect. Developed by Schorem Haarsnijders en Barbiers from Rotterdam. Reuzel daily conditioner takes care of your hair and scalp, so that the natural growth cycle is optimal. Buy it here