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You are currently reading the most comprehensive and up-to-date buying guide for purchasing a new beard trimmer of the moment, including cashback promotions and discounts.

This buying guide has been carefully compiled based on our honest and unbiased criteria such as ease of use, battery life, quality and value (from budget choice to premium options).

Choosing a beard trimmer is a personal choice and we recommend that you read this guide from start to finish so that you make a choice that best suits your needs.


Best Beard Trimmers of 2022

The choice of beard trimmers is considerable, but we can guarantee that our selection will suit your situation. We looked at important features such as versatility of the device, ease of use, included extras and of course the price-quality.

In addition, we have watched video reviews, read user reviews, and of course incorporated our own experience with the devices in this selection. The most important factor in our opinion was the final result in relation to what the manufacturer of the beard trimmer promises.

The following selection of beard trimmers are tailored to the type of beard you want to trim: short beard, heavy beard growth and stubble.

Best Beard Trimmer for a Stubble Beard

The selection of beard trimmers below are the most suitable for a stubble beard. Beard trimmers in this selection are characterized by a shaving head where the razor comes into almost direct contact with the skin, creating a short to medium stubble beard.

Best Choice For: A Stubble Beard

Philips OneBlade

Ergonomics + grip

Blade quality

Practical extra's

Battery life



The OneBlade from Philips is one of the best, most versatile beard trimmers you can currently buy. Innovation meets comfort which gives you the desired stubble or longer style.


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In our opinion, the Philips OneBlade is one of the best beard trimmers for a stubble beard. The OneBlade is adjustable at 1mm (5 o’clock shadow), 3mm (medium stubble) and 5mm (long stubble) with the included comb attachments, which trim one length with precision.

If you do not use an attachment, the OneBlade is ideal for working on contours such as the neckline, cheeks and sideburns.


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The OneBlade lies easily in the hand thanks to its lightweight and ergonomic grip. The OneBlade is manufactured in one piece and can even be used in the shower. This naturally affects the easy cleaning of the trimmer.

The replaceable razor blades last for more than 4 months with regular use and can be replaced effortlessly thanks to the click system.

The Philips Oneblade is characterized by the ultimate ease of use so that you can trim and update your beard very easily and quickly.

Product Features

Philips OneBlade Pros & Cons List

Best Choice For: Stubble Beards (Runner-Up)

Wahl Groomsman

Ergonomics + grip

Blade quality

Practical extra's

Battery life



Looking for an excellent beard trimmer for a good price? The Wahl groomsman is what you're looking for!


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The Wahl groomsman has a classic look and feel and does what it promises: trim your beard to a length of 12mm.

Wahl supplies practical extras such as combs, attachments, oil and a charging station. Rechargeable batteries are also included so that you can immediately groom yourself.

On a full battery you can trim for 60 minutes without any problems or the blade losing its strength.

Product Features

Wahl Groomsman Pros & Cons List

Best Choice For: Stubble Beard (Multi-Groomer)

Braun MGK3045

Finish and grip

Quality shaving foil

Practical extras

Battery Life

Price Quality


With the MGK3045 set, Braun definitely gives value for money. This is a complete set that consists of a beard trimmer with attachment, nose trimmer, body groomer, and ear trimmer.


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The high-quality shaving head effortlessly shaves 0.5mm to 21mm lengths. In addition, the trimmer is completely water-resistant, which makes cleaning and shaving comfortable while showering.

With a battery life of at least 60 minutes, you can easily take this beard trimmer with you when traveling. This is one of the most complete, best beard trimmer sets you can buy for this money.

The included attachment helps you shave neck hair and sideburns.

Product Features

Braun MGK3045 Pros & Cons List

Best Beard Trimmer for a Short Beard

The following trimmers are especially made for men with a short beard. The difference between a beard trimmer for short beard and stubble, is in the shaving lengths of the appliance. Beard trimmers for a short beard allow beard lengths of up to 10mm.

Best Choice For: A Short Beard

Philips Series 7000 BT7500

Ergonomics + grip

Blade quality

Practical extra's

Battery life



With a long lasting battery, high quality blades and a practical hair-catching mechanism, this is our choice for keeping short beards at optimal lenght.


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This Philips BT7500 has a collection tray, which drastically reduces the extent of a snow-covered sink with beard hairs.

This qualitative trimmer trims every beard (coarse, fine) from 0.5mm to 10mm and is therefore well suited for short to medium-long beards.

Battery life is 75 minutes, which is longer than most of the other beard trimmers on this list. That also makes the BT7500 a good choice to take with you on vacation.

In case of having an empty battery, you can also use it connected to the mains power. With its elongated shape and low weight, the trimmer fits comfortably in the hand.

Product Features

Philips Series 7000 BT7500 Pros & Cons List

Best Choice For: Short Beards (Runner-Up)

Philips Series 3000 BT3226

Finish and grip

Quality shaving foil

Practical extras

Battery life

Price Quality


The BT3226 is an excellent choice for short beard styles, especially when comparing prices with other beard trimmers in this guide.


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One of the most versatile beard trimmers that contains a combination of everything good is the Philips Series 3000 BT 3226. This lightweight beard trimmer can be used for a fresh stubble of 0.5mm or for heavier beard growth up to 10mm.

This trimmer can be used wirelessly and also while charging. A full battery provides more than an hour of beard trimming and because of the practical size and rubber finish, the Philips BT3226 feels great in the hand.

The housing has a sleek finish and the dial to set the position feels sturdy. The position is locked so that it cannot accidentally jump during shaving.

The price in combination with finish and the fact that this trimmer can be used on both short and long beard lengths makes it one of the best all rounders at the moment.

Product Features

Philips Series 3000 BT3226 Pros & Cons List

Best Choice For: Short Beard (Runner-Up)

Remington MB6850

Ergonomics + grip

Blade quality

Practical extra's

Battery life



Described by lots of reviewers as one of the best beard trimmers for short beards for a very fair price and build quality.


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Remington stands for quality and with the MB6850 the brand shows that they are equivalent to Philips and Wahl. This beard trimmer can shave 17 different beard lengths, from 2mm to 18mm.

A nice extra of this beard trimmer is the vacuum function, which immediately removes shaved beard hair, resulting in a clean bathroom.

Ideal for traveling, partly due to the battery life of over 70 minutes on one full battery.

Product Features

Remington MB6850 Pros & Cons List

Best Beard Trimmer for a Long Beard

The following choice of beard trimmers are specially made for men with heavy beard growth and long beard length. Important with this type of beard trimmers is the quality of the blades and the shaving head. These trimmers have adjustable shaving heads that help you create your ideal beard style.

Best Choice For: Long Beardstyles

Braun BT5090

Ergonomics + grip

Blade quality

Practical extra's

Battery life



The Braun BT5090 has a robust design as well as handling, just like longer beard styles. Excellent choice because of it's quality blade that handles coarse hair without issue.


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Braun responds well to the beard trends with the BT5090 and produces a beard trimmer that can effortlessly deal with heavy beard growth.

You can easily adjust the BT5090 to 20 lengths so that you can give any length a healthy appearance.

The battery life is on the short side with 40 minutes on a full battery, but luckily you can use the Braun BT5090 while charging. The maximum charging time is only 1 hour, with which you can then shave 6 times.

The shaving head has a high-quality finish and the sharp blades handle stiff beard hair well. In short, if you prefer a uniform beard style, the BT5090 is ideal for keeping your favorite look in shape.

This beard trimmer has a classic barber look and feels very qualitative.

Product Features

Braun BT5090 Pros & Cons List

Best Choice For: Long Beards (Runner-Up)

Wahl Stainless Steel Set

Ergonomics + grip

Blade quality

Practical extra's

Battery life



The Wahl stainless is for the man who wants absolute control. Wahl stainless is the choice of barbers and it's ultimate build quality gives you the best trim possible.


Check Lowest Price on Amazon

The supplied attachments give you the option to experiment with all beard styles up to 25mm, including popular styles such as uniform beard style or long stubble.

The attachments also serve as a nose trimmer and precision trimmer for sideburns. The battery runtime of 240 minutes (!) is more than enough to book an extended holiday.

The finish of both the shaving head and housing is high-quality and gives a good grip during use.

The collection is made of sleek stainless steel and gives a modern look to the set.

Product Features

Wahl Stainless Steel Set Pros & Cons List

Who is this buying guide for?

This guide is for every man who has a beard and considers grooming important. Whether you are at the beginning of the growth period or you are a veteran, any man with a beard needs to trim it sooner or later.

Trimming the beard promotes growth because dead ends are removed. In addition, the beard must be washed and groomed for optimal trimming. These actions also improve the general health of the beard.

There are multiple ways to trim a beard, such as manual trimming with scissors or grooming devices with multiple functions.

This buying guide focuses on modern beard trimmers that have one specific function: trimming and maintaining a beard.

You can trim your beard in the traditional way with beard scissors, comb, brush and precision blade. Or you can choose to keep updating your beard with a beard trimmer.

By using a high-quality beard trimmer, you ensure that your beard has the same length everywhere and you therefore spend less time using beard scissors.

Reliability of this buying guide and our reviews

Hopefully you have become accustomed to us that the selections that we present to you through our buying guides are based on intensive research of the latest trends, and of course our own experience.

We prefer to consult as many different sources as possible when writing these types of comprehensive buying guide. For example, we always cross-check user reviews from different, independent (non-sponsored) sites and blogs. In addition, we view extensive video reviews and lookbooks where the results of beard trimmers can be seen.

We want to reassure you in this way. So that you can choose a beard trimmer that suits your situation, and one that will keep your beard in optimal condition for the coming years.

Step-By-Step Trimming Guide

You can’t just start trimming your beard. First, it is best to make sure your beard is in good condition so that you can trim your beard comfortably and without mistakes.

To get the most out of your beard trimmer, read the steps below to prepare yourself properly. You may not have used a beard trimmer before or you may not be satisfied with the current result. So we have got you covered.

1. Washing your beard

Wash your beard hair with a mild beard soap. It is important that your beard hair is free of dirt and beard oil residue. You will find that your beard hair is much easier to shave after a wash.

Make sure your beard is dry. Wet hair is heavier and more difficult to cut with a trimmer. In addition, you do not want to accidentally cut the hair too short in a way that bald spots arise.

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2. Make uneven lengths visible.

Next, you’ll want to find any uneven lengths. Use a beard comb or beard brush to reveal uneven lengths in the beard. These tools help you trim evenly.

3. Define the neckline

Tip: Before you start, use a safe, longer setting on the beard trimmer. Before trimming the final length, try a longer length first so that you get a feel for the device.

Start trimming the neckline. A clearly visible, neat neckline forms the basis for a well-groomed appearance.

The neckline is the imaginary line between the neck and the beard. Define it for yourself and trim it afterwards.

First of all, use the beard trimmer and, where necessary, use a precision blade to make the contrast between the neck and beard perfect. Go through this step calmly and in a controlled manner.

4. Defining cheek line

After you have finished with the neck area, the easiest way to start is with the contrast line of your cheeks and beard. Be careful with this step because the hairs on your cheeks grow less quickly than the hairs on your neck. So proceed gradually.

Depending on the type of beard style you have, or have in mind, the area of the cheeks is decisive.

The shave line is always visible and gives your face your characteristic features. You can choose to lower the cheek line by shaving right on the skin. Most men choose to leave the cheek line as it is naturally present.

Every man has a clearly recognizable cheek line. If you still want to lower the cheek line, it is best to use a precision razor. These little blades are specifically made to define the cheek line and neckline.

5. Cheek line shaving

Pull your cheek tight with one hand and move the beard trimmer over your cheek in long strokes. Pay attention to the chin. Make sure you hold the trimmer steady, carefully shave your cheek line, and do not leave any hairs sticking out.

Your neck and cheeks look neat at this point and the symmetry should be clearly visible.

6. Trimming the chin

Hold the beard trimmer firmly and trim vertically across your chin, towards the jawline. Do this as often as necessary from left to right and vice versa.

Depending on the beard style, you can choose to have the beard hairs on the chin longer. This will give you a little more coverage and compliment some beard styles.

7. Mustache trimming

It is possible to trim your whiskers with a beard trimmer, but generally this will make it more difficult for yourself. The shaving foil is usually too wide, so you run a serious risk of making a mistake.

Trim your mustache with scissors or a precision blade. Most beard trimmers have a single-sided shaver that make it difficult to trim the contours around the mouth and mustache. Use a small beard scissors or knife for these spots.

Tip: always cut your whiskers shorter than the rest so that you always maintain a neat overflow from the mustache to the rest of the beard.

Cut off rebellious hairs by hand. You will notice that there will be hairs sticking out after every extensive trim. The easiest way is to cut these hairs manually with beard scissors.

8. Aftercare

You have essentially aggressively attacked your face and beard with a sharp blade. So it’s not surprising that most men experience irritated or tight skin after trimming.

Use beard conditioner or beard oil to nourish the beard hair and underlying skin after trimming. These products provide your hair and skin with the necessary nourishing ingredients so that your beard gets a healthy shine and your skin feels soothed.

What you need to know about beard trimmers

As a man who is serious about growing and maintaining his beard, you will undoubtedly have several trimming tools in your possession.

A beard trimmer is an indispensable device that you probably use in addition to clippers, beard scissors or brush.

Types of comb attachments

Collection tray

Some beard trimmers come with a handy feature that (mostly) catches all hair as you trim. This is admittedly a bit of a gimmick in our view, although it can function quite well.

Precision Laser

Luxury beard trimmers have a built-in precision laser. The laser shows exactly where the shaving foil is going to shave during trimming, giving you better control over the trimming. You mainly use this function to make the beard style symmetrical.

Beard trimmer versus shaver

With the help of attachments, it is possible to use a shaver as a wanna-be beard trimmer. You can shave your beard this way to some extent, but that’s where it ends.

If you want to trim a certain beard style with precision, you really need a beard trimmer. A shaver is not enough. But if you want a fresh, smooth look, use a shaver instead.

Beard trimmer versus stubble beard trimmer

The only difference between these two is the length setting. A stubble trimmer is specially made to shave extra short lengths so you can trim the 5 o’clock shadow beardstyle.

You can trim to short lengths with most beard trimmers, but usually don’t come close to the results of a stubble trimmer.

Beard trimmer compared to clippers

The difference between these two is the other way around. Clippers are made to shave longer hair lengths with the help of a number of attachments. Clippers do not shave close to the skin, unlike beard trimmers and stubble trimmers.

Beard trimmers, on the other hand, are not made to trim longer lengths. This is due to the distance of the teeth on the shaving foil. These are considerably larger with a clipper so that it is easier to shave several hairs at the same time.

Beard trimmer versus multigroom

There are trimmers specifically for the beard and there are “multi-grooms”. Multi grooms are built in such a way that different types of attachments can be used such as nose trimmers, hair clippers and therefore also beard trimmers.

Considerations and properties

In order to choose the best beard trimmer, you have to make a number of considerations. On the one hand, you need to look at how often you want to trim your beard and which beard style and length you’re going for. On the other hand, it is good to take into account the general quality of the trimmer.

The selection in this buying guide is the final sum of a number of important properties of the beard trimmers that have been tested.

When it comes to beard trimmers, it is imperative to look in detail at the function and operation of parts of the shaver. They must work well together to give you the best experience possible.

The number of teeth on the shaving foil is an indication of a qualitative finish. A clear difference between the shaving foil of a clipper and a shaving foil of a high-quality beard trimmer is the space and the number of teeth that are present on the shaving foil.

The space between the teeth determines the extent to which the device can cut stiff beard hair. This has a direct influence on the ease of use because it provides less resistance and thus makes it easier to shave in one smooth movement.

Strong design in combination with good grip. Form follows function and that is of course the same with beard trimmers.

A beard trimmer should be robust enough to take a beating and at the same time lie well in the hand during use. In addition, it’s good to have a device that is as thin as possible so that you can see what you’re doing in front of the mirror during a trim session.

The design of the selection of devices in this buying guide has found just the right balance between this. The exterior of the devices are strong enough and also have a slim, sleek design.

Water-resistant or not. Beard trimmers get dirty quickly because of dead skin cells and hair. A water-resistant beard trimmer is easier to clean with soap and is therefore, a bit more practical.

Please note: Water-resistant is not the same as usable in the shower.

A beard trimmer’s internal motor should be good enough to handle extra heavy beard growth. Cheap beard trimmers can get stuck in your hair, and that hurts. You absolutely want to prevent this.

Visible shaving foil that is not adjustable in length. There is a clear difference between beard trimmers where the shaving foil is adjustable in length from the handle compared to devices where this is not the case.

Beard trimmers with the shaving foil attached to the device are of a much better quality. This is because friction can always arise with movable parts, which means less precision with these types of devices.

Beard trimmers with a fixed shaving foil + attachments so that you can shave a certain length work best.

Wireless and battery strength. The battery is generally the only element that determines the life of the beard trimmer. Where other elements are less susceptible to wear and tear, this is of course different with batteries. Our preference is therefore for types of batteries that are slower to charge, but can be charged more often.

Price tag. Beard trimmer come - like everything in the world - in all shapes and appropriate price tags.

We advise you to invest in a decent beard trimmer that will allow you to trim your ideal beard style effortlessly. The initial investment may be a bit more, but you will undoubtedly be able to use it for years to come.

Video Guide: Using a Beard Trimmer

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If you want to look good, then you should use a good beard trimmer. Beard trimmers are not one-size-fits-all solutions and must therefore be tailored to your favorite beard style.

Beard trimmers from well-known brands are nowadays all of high quality and are comfortable in the hand. The prices are very reasonable nowadays, and with a minimal investment you can easily update your beard.

When choosing the best beard trimmer, keep your ultimate beard style in mind so that you don’t accidentally buy a beard trimmer that cannot handle the length of the beard.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are good beard trimmer brands?

The most sold brands of beard trimmers are Philips, Braun, Wahl and Remington. However, the best choice is very personal and depends on the situation and factors such as use, budget and time. In this comprehensive guide we help you step by step to the best choice.

What is a beard trimmer?

A beard trimmer gives you a well-groomed appearance by effortlessly trimming stubble, short and long beard styles with an electric shaver head. A good beard trimmer will help you maintain your favorite beard style.

What is the best beard trimmer?

At the moment, the best-selling beard trimmers include the Philips OneBlade, Wahl Groomsman and Braun MGK4530. Read our comprehensive buying guide to make the best choice that suits you.

How does a beard trimmer work?

Professional beard trimmers are composed of a shaving head with blades and a handle that fits comfortably in the hand, including a high-quality battery that allows you to trim for at least 45 minutes. It is important to know the distance between the shaver head and the skin, this is decisive for trimming the beard length.

What should I keep in mind when buying a beard trimmer?

Depending on your personal preference, you should consider factors such as budget, time in the mirror, trimming in the shower, often when traveling. Our comprehensive buying guide will help you make the best choice.

When should I replace my beard trimmer?

As soon as you notice that trimming feels uncomfortable due to dull blades. The beard hairs are badly cut in this way, resulting in 'sharp' hair ends.