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Beard trimming scissors

April 21, 2021 · 5 min read

Read all about the beard scissors: an indispensable tool in the arsenal of the groomed man. Discover the benefits, uses, and the best choices you can buy right now.


What exactly are beard scissors?

You can choose from several products to keep your beard in shape. The chances are that you already use a razor or beard trimmer.

However, do you ever have (small) hairs that get in the way of styling the perfect beard? With beard scissors it is possible to trim them with great precision.

So you use beard scissors alongside trimming your beard into shape in order to present a well-groomed appearance.

Beard scissors are small scissors with which you can perfect your beard and mustache. Hair that does not fall well can be effortlessly cut and trimmed.

In many cases, beard scissors are a perfect addition to a clipper or razor.

These devices are perfectly capable of shaping your beard, but are not always precise.

With a beard scissors you can work with great precision.

What do beard scissors look like?

At first glance, beard scissors look like regular scissors that you find in the kitchen. However, beard scissors distinguish themselves by, among other things, unique performance.


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Beard scissors cut the hairs without pulling. This means that using them won’t cause irritation to the skin. The result? A natural growth cycle with a healthy shine.

Some beard shears are made of metal, while there are also plastic beard shears.

We recommend metal beard scissors because of the difference in quality and because this type of beard scissors are heavier. This means it feels better as you’re trimming. This also gives you extra control, which is always desirable.

Plastic beard scissors are also easy to handle, but please make sure that they are anti-static.

With the better beard shears, extra support has also been added to the thumb. This means you always have optimal control over the scissors and mistakes are made less quickly.

What are the benefits of beard scissors?

One of the most important advantages of a beard scissors is that you can easily trim your beard everywhere, resulting in a well-groomed appearance.

You can cut small hairs quickly and responsibly. In fact, you never have to worry about small hairs that do not fall into shape again.

At the same time, this also means that you don’t have to plan a visit to the barber as often. In combination with a beard trimmer, razor or clipper, you can perfectly touch up your beard or mustache yourself. This saves you both time and money.

Finally, trimming your beard is super fast. Thanks to the compact size, you can also take beard scissors with you wherever you go. To work, to school or on vacation. Ideal!

How should I use beard scissors?

It is clear that beard scissors have several advantages. With some practice, you can learn to use beard scissors properly yourself, giving you more control over your favorite beard style.

Follow the step-by-step plan below for grooming your beard with beard scissors:

  1. We recommend washing the beard with a mild beard shampoo before you start trimming. Clean beard hair falls easier and is also easier to comb and detangle. This will help you while trimming.
  2. First of all, make sure that the beard hair is completely dry. After all, water makes the hair heavier, meaning you may achieve less accurate results. So dry it first.
  3. Then, with a beard comb or brush, comb the beard hair down. Then comb the beard upwards and against the direction of growth. You can immediately see which areas are fuller and where the stray and fast-growing hairs are.
  4. Then cut away the hairs that are not to your liking. Start on the right side and then follow the steps above for the left side of the face as well.
  5. Do you also have a mustache? The beard scissors can also be used perfectly here. Follow the steps above to bring your mustache in perfect shape.
  6. Comb your beard and your mustache again and check that it is to your liking.
  7. Now wash your beard again. This helps to shake off loose hair.
  8. Moisturize the beard by using a beard oil or balm. With beard oil, you moisturize the hair and underlying skin, creating optimal growth and shine. You also prevent skin irritations.
  9. Enjoy the neat appearance!
  10. Bonus / optional: for a finishing touch, you can now create a natural transition between your beard and neck with a beard trimmer.

Buying beard scissors

With beard scissors, you are able to quickly and accurately style your beard.

The scissors are specifically designed for precise work. It is therefore preferable to use beard scissors in combination with a clipper, beard trimmer or shaver.

But the availability of beard shears has increased considerably, just like the popularity of the beard.

We have therefore made a selection for you based on quality, finish and ease of use.


Beard scissors are an indispensable tool for trimming the beard with great precision. Where the electric beard trimmer cannot reach, the beard scissors will!

Beard scissors come in two varieties: plastic and metal.

We recommend metal beard scissors because of the weight, which provides better grip and posture during trimming.

If you still want to purchase plastic beard scissors, make sure that they are anti-static.

To trim the beard without resistance, it is wise to use a mild beard shampoo beforehand so that your beard is easy to comb and brush.

Then use the beard scissors to trim uneven lengths.