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Beard shampoo

April 21, 2021 · 6 min read

For men with a beard, a well-groomed appearance starts with a special cleanser for the beard: beard shampoo. Learn which ingredients to use (and avoid), the benefits of beard shampoo, and why it's the best way to keep your beard in top condition.


What exactly is beard shampoo?

Unlike regular shampoo or soap, the beard shampoo formula ensures that the natural moisture and sebum balance in the underlying skin and hair is not affected.

This way you will not experience tight skin, irritations or red spots.

Beard shampoo is a cleanser for the hair, but specially developed for the beard and underlying skin.

The formulas of quality beard shampoo are enriched with healthy minerals and vitamins and are mild in nature, unlike the more aggressive formulas of regular shampoo for the scalp and scalp hair.

The difference is in the retention of natural oils such as sebum.

Each hair follicle contains sebaceous glands that produce sebum. The sebaceous glands are located in your scalp, cheeks, neck and basically anywhere on your body where you have hair growth.

Sebum ensures that the skin and hair are provided with the necessary hydration, which in turn ensures a healthy shine and strong (beard) hair.

As soon as sebum is removed (by regular shampoo), the hair becomes brittle and the healthy shine is lost.


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If sebum is missing too often or for too long, even the ends of the hair will split.

Sebum therefore ensures the optimal and natural functioning of the skin. Too much sebum clogs the pores, causing the skin to glow even more, so it’s okay to remove a little sebum.

And that is exactly what beard shampoo does: remove a small amount of sebum so that the beard is cleaned, but not too much so that the moisture balance in the underlying skin is disturbed.

Beard shampoo therefore contains ingredients that cleanse the beard hair and underlying skin but not all natural sebum.

These special formulas are formulated to maintain the natural moisture and sebum balance in the skin so that you can easily wash impurities from the beard without affecting the natural growth process.

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The benefits of beard shampoo

By using beard shampoo you maintain the natural moisture and sebum balance in the beard hair and underlying skin.

This makes your beard easier to comb. And not only that, but beard oil and conditioner are absorbed easier too, which in turn provides more intensive care for the underlying skin.

You also prevent the knots and tangles, making it easier to style your beard.

By cleaning every few days, beard shampoo creates an antibacterial effect and has a positive effect on the growth cycle.

In the meantime, the underlying skin will not flake or dry out.

Because beard shampoo is specially formulated to not aggressively cleanse, there is no irritation, red skin or a tight feeling after use.

But the biggest advantage is that beard shampoo prevents the formation of redness and bumps on the edges of the beard, resulting in dandruff and itching.

Then, your beard grows at a healthy pace, has a healthy shine and also a nice scent.

The result of beard shampoo

In short, you achieve the following results by using beard shampoo:

You can only achieve these results if you use special beard shampoo. Never use regular shampoo for your beard.

What should you pay attention to when choosing beard shampoo?

Beard shampoo is now available in many variants. When choosing the shampoo you should always look carefully at the ingredients present.

The following (chemical) ingredients can be used perfectly and have no negative influence on beard growth or health:

The following (chemical) ingredients and additives do not immediately have a very negative effect on the health of the beard, but try to avoid them:

These ingredients will, among other things, dry the beard out and remove the natural oils. You will not notice it immediately, but with regular use you may find that the underlying skin feels tight.

We would also like to mention formulas with silicone. Although Silicone is not necessarily bad, it is an ingredient that is not soluble in water.

Silicone-based beard shampoo is more difficult to wash out. So why is it still present in many beard shampoos? Because it makes hair shine after use, which is a desired result for many men.

Many good beard shampoos contain all kinds of natural ingredients. Aloe vera, Chamomile extract, essential oils, soy wax, water and olive oil are some examples here.

Always check the packaging to see what ingredients a shampoo contains.

How should you use beard shampoo?

Have you found or bought beard shampoo that contains the right ingredients? Then it is time to use it following the step-by-step plan below.

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How often can I use beard shampoo?

The frequency with which you ‘should’ use beard shampoo depends entirely on your personal preference.

Do you work during the day in an environment where your beard gets dirty quickly? Then you clean your beard more often than average.

In any case, we advise not to use beard shampoo every day. Even though they are mild formulas, with each wash you get rid of a little bit of sebum. And you need to make sure your skin and hair have time to recover.

For example, wash your beard on the same day as your scalp hair about 1 to a maximum of 2 times a week.


Beard shampoos are mild, specially formulated formulas that don’t rid the skin and beard hair of the body’s own natural oils such as sebum.

A healthy moisture content in the underlying skin (due to sebum) ensures a healthy glow and optimal growth.

Beard shampoo is made to clean in a mild way so that the hairs remain in a healthy condition.

Use beard shampoo on a wet beard and spread the formula up to the underlying skin.

Let it soak for a while and then rinse well.

Certain ingredients are a little less good to use (see above), but in general most beard shampoos are fine to use these days.