What haircut should I get men

In this article you'll discover which haircut matches your face type so you can choose a style that suits you best.

“ And how do you want it cut today? ”

When you go to the hairdresser or barber, this question can be so annoying. That is if you did not choose a hairstyle yet, and have to clarify exactly what you want.

You can of course let your hairdresser come up with some ideas, which in most cases works out well. But doing some research beforehand is even better.

The power of a good haircut lies in the fact that it can positively change your appearance.

We all know a success story from someone in our circle of friends or colleagues who suddenly looked much better (and younger?) after their visit to the hairdresser.

A hairstyle that makes you think: “That really suits him!” Finding such a transformative hairstyle has nothing to do with luck.

With a little research and some practical guidelines in this guide, you will increase your chances of picking out a hairstyle that suits your face.


Assuming that your hairdresser looks at the features of your face (shape, proportions as well as the structure of your hair and your jawline,) you’ll be in safe hands. You can also tell them exactly what you want if you’re well prepared.

Choosing a new haircut can be a challenge, especially if you’re unsure which haircut best suits your face type. This is why we wrote this article especially for you. We’ll show you different trendy men’s hairstyles that best suit your face type.

This way you can show your hairdresser different examples of how you want your haircut the next time you go.

Note: This article provides some guidelines based on input received from hairdressers and barbers. Of course, it is not the case that a certain hairstyle specifically suits a number of face shapes.

The choice is of course entirely up to you. We only give advice and examples.

Not sure what type of face you have? Continue on reading to determine your face type.

Finding Inspiration for Your New Hairstyle Based on Your Face Type

So you’re tired of your current haircut. Where can you find the inspiration for your new look?

The easiest way to find inspiration is to read our in-depth inspiration guides. You’ll find inspirations for hairstyles and beards of all lengths and growth periods.

→ View: the LooksThatWork men’s hairstyles inspiration guide with all the trendy styles and download it now.

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Nowadays you don’t have to put much effort to be inspired when it comes to fashion and of course the latest trends in men’s hairstyles.

Films and series are now responsible for portraying characters who often grow into style icons.

Celebrities, sports, and accompanying cultures ensure that we are influenced.

There are countless online resources that can help you, like our own extensive articles about all types of men’s hairstyles full of inspiration with the most diverse trendy styles.

Once you have found a style you’d like to try, we recommend that you save a picture of it to your hairdresser/barber. There is no better way to show your stylist what you want than with some real-life examples.

The hairdresser will let you know whether or not it’s possible.

Hairstyles for an oval face

The oval face type is mostly seen by women as the ideal face type. That is completely subjective, but you are lucky because with an oval face you can go in most directions in terms of hairstyles.

Due to the symmetry and good proportions you can try out most trendy hairstyles with an oval-type face without going out to the hairdresser with a bad feeling.

There are a number of small things that you should pay attention to so your hairstyle compliments your face shape. It is best to leave your forehead as free as possible so that you automatically comb your hair back.

You’d want to avoid hairstyles that fall forward, such as bangs or fringes. Too much hair on the forehead softens the oval properties and ensures a face that looks rounder.

The most common style is the classic shorter cut: short on the sides and longer on the top, with regular, clear parting.

A clean and shaven face goes well with an oval face because you don’t try to hide imperfections or unevenness. A beard is therefore optional.

With an oval face you can freely experiment with hairstyles and beard styles; almost anything will suit you!

Hairstyles to suit an oval face type:

Hairstyles that may not look so good:

Hairstyles for a square face

A square face type is considered the most masculine face type due to its highly visible jawline and equal proportions.

Just like with an oval face, you have lots of choices. You can’t go wrong with most hairstyles. Both long and short styles will suit you.

If you have trouble choosing, hairstyles that add length to a square face are always good. Think a quiff or French crop; both do that perfectly.

Please note that the shorter you go, the closer you get to the buzz cut (military look). But that in itself does not have to be a problem of course.

Classic, clean-cut hairstyles best compliment a square face type. Think short sides and layers.

A slight stubble beard emphasizes your strong jawline without hiding the sharp angle.

Hairstyles appropriate for a square face type:

Hairstyles that might not look so good:

Hairstyles for a rectangular/elongated face

The longest type in all of the face types, falling somewhere between an oval and square face. This type requires a few extras in the styling to keep the face from appearing too long.

The best solution is a hairstyle that is neither too long nor too short on both the top and sides, such as a classic side part or bangs.

Because a rectangular face type looks longer, it is important not to make the sides too short.

Also, make sure to leave the hair on top of your head longer, but not too long. This ensures that you emphasize the length of your face. Try a style that is not too short on both the sides and top.

To make sure your face doesn’t look narrower than it is, it is best to let your hair fall on the sides and partly over the forehead.

A beard is not recommended because it emphasizes the length of your face as the beard line comes up to your cheeks. Therefore, try short stubble or a light beard.

Hairstyles to suit a rectangular face type:

Hairstyles that might not look so good:

Hairstyles for a triangular face

Due to a narrower forehead and wide jawline, a rectangular face should do the opposite of a heart-shaped face.

A longer haircut with full sides and volume works best for this type of face, such as french crops, crests, and bangs.

Your jawline is probably a prominent feature of your face. So choose a light stubble or go for a clean-shaven look. Avoid full beard styles so that you don’t show your jawline too much.

Hairstyles to suit a triangular face type:

Hairstyles that might not look so good:

Hairstyles for a diamond shape face

In order to bring out these qualities with your hairstyle, there are a number of things to note when choosing your style.

Hairstyles that largely fall over your forehead will almost always look good on you, such as a crop or bangs.

Longer hair that you can tuck behind your ears emphasizes the diamond-shaped structure of your face.

Be careful with making the sides short. Because your cheekbones are wide, super short sides can make your ears look bigger and you generally want to avoid that.

To make your small chin look a bit wider, it is best to leave a stubble beard (the 5-o-clock shadow).

Hairstyles to suit a diamond-shaped face:

Hairstyles that might not look so good:

Hairstyles for a heart-shaped face

Wide at the top of the face and narrower at the chin. With a rare heart-shaped face, you can apply a few optical illusions to bring out the proportions a little better.

For example, avoid hairstyles that are tight on the head as these only accentuate your narrow chin. A medium or long length with a wavy pattern will probably suit you best. These take the emphasis off your forehead.

In terms of facial hair, a solid beard will look good on you because it partially conceals your narrow chin and will make your jawline appear fuller.

Hairstyles to suit a heart-shaped face type:

Hairstyles that might not look so good:

Hairstyles for a round face

A round face type with a rounded chin and no strong angles will benefit most from a style that adds extra definition.

Hairstyles that add length at the top (such as a quiff, pompadour, French crop) or at the bottom like a beard are excellent choices.

Keep it short on the sides otherwise, this will make everything seem even rounder.

Avoid the stubble beard, because this beard style emphasizes the jawline (which is not that defined with a round face shape).

Because a round face has few ‘hard’ angles, you have to compensate for this with a hairstyle that softens your face shape.

The ideal style has enough length at the top and is tight at the sides.

Hairstyles to suit a round face type:

Hairstyles that might not look so good:

Your hairdresser gives advice

It goes without saying that your hairdresser will help you choose a new haircut. He should look at your face shape, structure, proportions, and what’s ’trendy’ right now when it comes to men’s hairstyles.

Two general guidelines that the hairdresser will recommend:

  1. Choose a hairstyle that creates an oval face type. Oval face types are ideal for their symmetry and well-distributed proportions. Round face types should therefore choose a hairstyle that lengthens the face and triangular face shapes a hairstyle that widens the forehead so that it is less angular.
  2. Think of a combination that works with a particular style of beard. A beard adds length to the face, so elongated face types look even longer. But a beard can also ensure that round face types look elongated by, for example, growing a goatee.

If this is not the case, we advise you to visit a real barber. This craft has since made a comeback and every city nowadays has a typical barber.

And while you’re there, enjoy a traditional razor shave too.