What beard style matches my face?

In this guide you'll find tips and advice on beard styles that suit your specific face type. Discover all different beard styles for each face type.


Good to know in advance

Before viewing the beard styles and models inspiration guide and enthusiastically choosing a style, you may find it helpful to know a little about which beard styles will or will not look good on you in general.

There are seven different face types, each with its own special and striking features. Some beard styles can accentuate features or, if necessary, cover them up.

Think, for example, of the jawline, sideburns, or chin. Maybe a full beard brings out your fierce, masculine nature, or is it better to opt for a uniform beard because it suits your style more?

This guide provides advice to make it easier for you to choose a particular style.

However, it is not the case that a particular style fits a face shape specifically. You can of course determine this yourself, we only provide a number of guidelines and examples.

Once you’ve envisioned a beard style that you think will suit you (and suit your personality), double-check it with this guide.

Before you just look at your face shape, we would like to point out the following:

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Which beard suits my face?

So you’ve decided to take the challenge and grow a beard. You have made the commitment to do it, you are prepared and may even bought all the necessary tools already.

Your face shape is the most important factor in choosing a style that suits you. Below you’ll find all 7 different face types.

Beards for oval face

Men with an oval face can wear a lot of beards better than most other face types.

This is because an oval face type has both angular and round features, so you don’t have to look for a certain balance. As long as you take care of your beard, the rest will be fine.

Beard styles to suit an oval face:

Beards for square face

Where the broad, masculine jawline is a coveted feature that many other men (and women) dream of, there are limitations to the beard types you can go for.

You don’t want to put extra emphasis on the jawline. Therefore, choose a beard style with round features to highlight the chin.

Think of a Ducktail or goatee, which visually give the chin extra length.

Beard types suitable for a square face:

Beards for elongated / rectangular face

Given the length of your face, you want to avoid beard styles that make your face look even longer, such as beards with a pointed chin (goatee or ducktail).

Therefore, try a full beard style that widens your jaw by letting the hair grow up to the cheeks.

This way, the focus is less on the length of your face.

Beard model that suits an elongated face type:

Beards for triangular face

With a triangular face, you want to reduce the emphasis on the prominent chin.

The easiest way to do this is to make a combination between a beard and a mustache.

You can optionally choose to let your sideburns run a little further.

Beards suitable for a triangular face type:

Beards for diamond shaped face

The face type with the widest cheekbones and a narrow chin. Avoid long beards on the chin, as these can accentuate the length of your face even more.

Extra hair on the cheeks is no problem. A subtle mustache is also not a problem, as long as the attention is drawn extra to your cheeks and jawline.

Beards to suit a diamond-shaped face type:

Beards for heart-shaped face

A heart-shaped face is one of the narrowest face types, with an additional narrow chin.

You can create some volume with a beard, but be careful not to grow a beard that is too long.

Too much beard growth will eventually make your face look even narrower. A stubble that makes your jaw appear a little wider is ideal for this face type.

Beard styles for a heart-shaped face:

Beards for round face

To put less emphasis on the round features of your face, it is recommended to look for beard styles that add the extra length from your cheeks towards your chin.

Consider, for example, a goatee, medium stubble, Van Dyke or Balbo.

Beard type for round face:

In conclusion

Hopefully, you have been able to find some inspiration and the beard you envisioned will indeed suit your type of face. Remember, this is purely advice.

We recommend that you do what you stand behind and feel good about. Good luck!