Moisturizer for men

Your skin is the largest organ you own. So it really deserves the right attention and care to keep it healthy and looking great.

Every day, your skin is exposed to UV radiation, external substances, and impurities. Maintaining and caring for your skin is incredibly important and effortless when you use a hydrating cream or moisturizer.

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Skincare products for men are no longer taboo. In fact; more and more brands have launched specialized products for male skin.

This is because men’s skin has a different structure to that of a woman. It requires different ingredients that the stiff and oily male skin can absorb.

Today, male skin can be protected and cared for with various products. When caring for the skin, the goal is to maintain the moisture content. There is a fine balance between the natural functioning of your skin and the use of skincare products.

How can you ensure that balance is achieved? By using a moisturizer with natural ingredients!

What is a moisturizer?

A moisturizer is a hydrating cream with one purpose; maintain the moisture balance of your skin.

In most cases, your skin can easily regulate this itself because of sebum production. However, external influences can disrupt this, which results in dry or excessively oily skin.

High-quality moisturizers and creams are formulated based on natural ingredients that complement the skin’s natural sebum production.

These nourishing extracts retain moisture and are absorbed into the top layer of the skin - the epidermis. This provides a protective effect during the day.

The benefits of a moisturizer

Moisturizers have an important role in hydrating the skin. In the long term, a moisturizer supports the healthy maintenance of the skin’s elasticity.

This then slows down the appearance of wrinkles, although in some cases, genetics can play a part in this area.

Hydrating your skin is an important part of a good facial routine.

With moisturizer, you’re essentially preventing dehydration, you also maintain the moisture balance and get stronger skin that is better protected against external influences.

Moisturizer suitable for your skin type

The skin is divided into four specific types: dry, oily, normal, and combination. Skincare products, especially moisturizers, should be tailored to your specific skin type.

You do not want a moisturizer to work against you, making your skin extra greasy or stopping its natural function.

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Use of a moisturizer

Apply the cream daily for the best results. Make sure you wash your face first, scrub if necessary (only exfoliate once a week! Otherwise it dries out your skin), then pat dry. Next, apply a moderate amount of cream to your face.

Spread the cream well over your face and pay close attention to the delicate areas of the skin on your face; the skin around your eyes is sensitive.

You will notice that a quality moisturizer for men absorbs quickly and you immediately feel the healthy effect.

If your skin feels sensitive and dry during the day, use the same moisturizer again in the evening.

Especially in cold winter months, fluctuations in temperature have an adverse effect on the moisture balance of the skin.

Hydrating your skin with a moisturizer will help prevent dryness. The moisture level of your skin remains in balance and your skin will no longer be irritated or feel sensitive.

Moisturizers for men

When buying moisturizers, you should pay close attention to the ingredients and additives present.

If trying a new formula, do a patch test. Apply a small amount of product on your wrist and see if it causes any allergic reactions.

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