Man Bun

The man bun hairstyle has been around since the hippie movement of the 1960s, but it's had its ups and downs. Today, however, it seems to be on more people's radar than ever before.

A man bun is created by drawing hair to the back or top of one's head and securing it in a loop or coil; one needs only a hair tie. If you're looking for something that will jazz up your look without too much work involved, this may be your answer!

What Is A Man Bun?

A man bun is a hairstyle popular among many gents these days. It is a style that can be achieved on medium or long hair lengths, and it is created by drawing the hair to the back or top of the head and securing it in a loop or coil. Styling a man bun is simple – all you need is a hair tie. You can use a texturizing spray if you like, but it’s not essential.

How To Get The Man Bun Look

First and foremost, you’ll need long hair, which is the most essential part of achieving the man bun look. If you’re not sure how to grow your hair out, there are plenty of resources available online that can help. Time is usually your best friend.

Once you have enough length, here’s how to get the man bun look:

  1. Start by gathering your hair into a high ponytail.

  2. Twist your hair around the ponytail base to form a bun.

  3. Secure the bun with bobby pins or a hair tie.

  4. Style as desired.

The History of the Man Bun

The man bun has been around for centuries, but it has only recently become popular in the Western world. The man bun originated in Asia, traditionally worn by samurai warriors. In any case, today’s man buns aren’t really a throwback to samurai fashion.

Most of today’s man buns tend to be paired with a trendy shirt, a beard, relaxed pants, or some other fashionable accessory. A man bun is more than the bun itself, and it’s part of a broader lifestyle statement.

Today’s man buns are inspired by the Chinese idiom, “the longer your hair is, the closer to God.” In other words, long hair can make you more spiritual. It’s not surprising that the traditional man bun was worn by Buddhist monks and Taoist priests over a thousand years ago.

So, where did the man bun actually come from? We need to go back in time to answer this question: around 708 AD.

Japan invaded China during the Tang Dynasty and conquered most of their land. The Japanese took several parts of China, including modern-day Beijing. They imposed their culture on the country for over 400 years.

During this period, Japan brought many aspects of its culture to China. The man bun was one of Japan’s most treasured customs, and it spread to China during the Tang Dynasty. Japan also introduced Chinese men to their version of “blue jeans,” known as hakama.

However, you’ll notice that today’s man buns don’t really resemble the samurai man bun of olden times. This is because traditional Japanese men stopped wearing hakama pants in 1912.

Today’s Man Bun Versus Old School Samurai Man Bun

So how do today’s man buns compare to the hairstyles worn by samurai warriors? The main difference between modern and ancient man buns lies on top: a samurai bun included a small section of hair on top of the head; this made it easier for soldiers to wear helmets.

In other words, the samurai man bun was more of a functional hairstyle than it was a fashion statement.

Today’s man buns include hair from the forehead to the back of the neck and look more like a traditional Chinese bun than a Japanese one.

Different Man Bun hairstyles

There are different types of man bun hairstyles that you can try. Here are a few of the most popular ones:

The Classic Bun

This is the most essential man bun style and is probably one most people are familiar with. It’s a simple, sleek bun that is easy to style and looks good on just about anyone.

The Top Knot

The top knot is a more stylish version of the classic bun. It’s created by pulling all hair up to the top of the head and securing it in a tight knot. This style is best for men with medium to long hair.

The Half Bun

The half bun is an excellent option for men who want to keep the same length as the classic bun but don’t want to tie it all up. Create your man bun by gathering all of your hair in a ponytail and securing it with an elastic band.

The Messy Bun

Try this relaxed version of the man bun hairstyle if you’re not worried about creating a perfectly polished look. Just gather all of your hair on top of your head, secure it with an elastic band or leave it loose, and stop worrying!

Side Swept Man Bun

This is another excellent option for men who like keeping their hair long but don’t want to use too much product to style their locks. It’s also very similar to the half-bun, except that you’ll sweep your hair to the side instead of pulling it straight back.

The Scrunched Man Bun

You don’t have to use gel or wax to style this man bun hairstyle. Just gather all of your hair on top of your head with a scrunchie, twist it into a little bun, and secure it with bobby pins. Then scrunch down any loose ends for more texture and volume!

Side Man Bun

This is another variation of the half bun that can be worn like traditional hakama pants used during ancient times. It’s best for men with medium-long hair who want to keep their locks stylish but simple. To create this look, make two low ponytails at each side of your head and secure them with elastic bands or bobby pins. Then simply twist each ponytail into a bun and use another bobby pin to secure it into place.

Man bun pros and cons

There are pros and cons to wearing a man bun. Here are a few of the most important ones:

The Pros

The Cons

How to take care of your man bun

If you’re planning on wearing a man bun, it’s important to take care of your hair to ensure that it stays healthy and looks good. Here are a few tips on how to do that:

Invest in a good conditioner. A quality conditioner will help detangle your hair while maintaining the shine and health of the shaft.

Brush your hair daily. You don’t want knots or tangles to cause frizz in your bun, so be sure to brush your hair daily.

Give your bun a break. Daily wear can cause breakage from hair elastics. Feel free to let your hair down every once in a while.

Use a heat protector when styling your hair with tools like a flat iron. Hot tools are great for creating sleek, polished looks, but they can damage your hair if you don’t use a heat protector first.

Use oil or shine serum for men with thinning hair. If you’re worried about losing more of your locks, consider using a product like this one that will help improve the health of each strand and keep it looking full and thick.

Achieve volume without hairspray. Hairsprays aren’t particularly good for the health of your hair. Still, they can give you some serious volume when styled correctly (even though most brands promise to do the opposite). This sticky styling gel is perfect for achieving hold while still looking natural.

You don’t need to spend hours creating your perfect man bun every day.

Are man bun’s still in style in 2023?

The man bun has been around for a few years now, and it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. So, is the man bun still in style in 2023?

There’s no definitive answer to that question since trends change all the time. However, the man bun does have a lot of staying power, and it’s likely to remain popular for a while longer.

Who can pull off a man bun

So, who can pull off the man bun? The answer is: just about anyone. Provided you have the right hair type and length, anyone can rock this hairstyle. It’s perfect for guys with long hair who want a stylish and low-maintenance way to keep it out of their face. And, contrary to popular belief, the man bun isn’t just for hipsters and models – any guy can give it a try.

All you need to create a man bun is a hair elastic and some bobby pins. First, gather your hair into a ponytail at the nape of your neck. Then, twist the ponytail into a bun and secure it with the elastic. Finally, tuck and pin the loose ends of your hair to complete the look.

It’s not as complicated as it sounds – all you need is a bit of practice. And if you happen to make a mistake, don’t worry – bobby pins can easily hide any strays. For those who’d like some extra help styling their man bun, we recommend checking out YouTube tutorials or asking for assistance from your barber or stylist. If you decide to give this style a go, though, be prepared for everyone and their mother to ask about it!

Do man buns cause hair loss?

The jury is still out on whether or not man buns cause hair loss, but there is certainly some evidence to suggest that this could be the case. Traction alopecia is a type of hair loss caused by hairstyles that put a strain on the hair follicles, and it is thought that man buns could be a leading cause of this condition.

A few scientific studies have looked into this issue, and while the results have been mixed, there does seem to be a general consensus that man buns can be bad for your hair.

Should I grow a man bun?

There is no correct answer to this question - it all depends on your own personal preferences and hairstyle needs. However, it is worth noting that man buns can damage your hair, so if you decide to grow one, be sure to take care of your hair in the best possible way.

Suppose you are not sure whether or not a man bun is right for you. In that case, it might be a good idea to experiment with different styles before making a final decision. Try wearing your hair in a bun for a few days and see how it feels - if you notice that your hair is feeling weaker, then it might be time to give up the man bun for good.