Dark circles under eyes

Found dark circles under your eyes? Not sure what can you do about it?
Read about different solutions and discover products that help you reduce dark edges under your eyes.


Dark circles and visible bags under your eyes can be frustrating. Broken nights are often difficult to hide. They show themselves clearly in your face.

Especially when you get older, your eyes give away when you sleep a little less, eat less healthy or haven’t been able to get any rest. Let’s take a look at why. And more importantly, what you can do about it!

Why do I have dark circles?

The reason for having dark circles is different for every person. The skin around your eyes, just like your eyes themselves, is extremely vulnerable.

Not only because the epidermis here is two to five times thinner than on the rest of your face, but also because this skin is used often.

Did you know that you blink ten thousand times a day? It’s a necessary evil, because for a piece of skin that has much less collagen and elasticity, it’s quite the task.

In addition to the daily use of the skin around your eyes, things such as UV radiation, genetic predisposition, unhealthy food, too little sleep and stress can quickly cause problems around the eyes.

Signs of fatigue and aging show so quickly around your eyes, especially when you don’t take good care of your skin.

Under-eye circles

When people refer to bags under their eyes, nine times out of ten they actually mean dark circles.

The darker color is often a result of a bad night’s sleep or lack of moisture in the skin caused by dehydration.

This makes the bluish blood vessels under the skin more visible, as the skin around your eyes becomes thinner.

Puffiness is not the same as under-eye circles. Instead, this looks like your lower eyelid is swollen or there is a patch of excess skin under the eyes. This is usually caused by too much skin or moisture.

Some people have a small eye socket, so the under-eye fat does not fit properly in the socket.

That fat bulges out and forms a wall. As you get older, your skin sags, which then makes it even more prominent and gives this appearance of puffiness.

As with dark circles, genetic predisposition plays an important role in the development of under-eye bags.

However, other factors at play, such as too much salt or alcohol and too little sleep, can often be contributors.

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Getting rid of dark circles

Do you want to make the dark circles under your eyes less visible? Fortunately, it is never too late to take better care of the skin around your eyes.

Here’s a handy, step-by-step plan for your daily skincare routine to improve dark under-eye circles:

  1. Massage the area around your eyes when you wake up. Do this from the inside out to stimulate blood circulation. Make sure you don’t use too much force when massaging: rubbing too hard can damage the blood vessels, resulting in dark circles.
  2. Use a cold cotton ball or compress on your eyelids. This also stimulates blood circulation, so that excess fluid can be removed more easily.
  3. Make sure to wipe the skin around your eyes every night with a wet cloth to keep dirt from building up.
  4. Apply a special cream for the contours of your eyes in the morning and in the evening. Clean your face well before applying the cream so that your skin can absorb it as well as possible.
  5. Put your pillow a little higher when you go to sleep. This will prevent lymph fluid from accumulating around your eye sockets.
  6. Use eye cream that is specially made for the thin skin under the eyes. Pay attention to products with natural ingredients.

Blue circles under the eyes

A good skin care routine isn’t always enough to reduce the blue circles under your eyes.

One of the most effective things you can do is to actually tackle the cause of bags and dark circles. You can do this by changing any unhealthy habits you have. Let’s take a look at how…

Dark circles eyes

There are other well-known solutions for dark circles eyes. In addition to drinking enough water, it is important to consume foods that support collagen.

Collagen is a glue-forming protein and part of the connective tissue in the body.

In other words, it creates tightness in the skin. By paying attention to the ingredients in your diet, you can support collagen production and reduce the risk of bags under the eyes.

On the other hand, you can also choose to use ingredients that contain hyaluronic acid. This substance stimulates the production of collagen. Choose from the list below and the dark circles under your eyes will be a thing of the past.

What causes dark circles under the eyes?

Here, we’ve listed the main causes of dark circles.

  1. The hereditary form. This is known as familial periorbital hyperpigmentation or FPOH for short. This is also the most difficult form to treat. We see this form most often in Hindu people.
  2. The acquired form. The main cause of this is recurrent inflammation and swelling under the eyes. We see this, for example, with hay fever and contact allergy to cosmetic products. Frequent rubbing under the skin darkens the skin there. This form is also known as “post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, PIH for short.
  3. Loss of connective tissue volume in the corner of the eye causing a deep tear trough. This form is both hereditary and also an expression of skin aging.
  4. Thinning of the skin under the eyes, revealing blood vessels. You can recognize this by the blue-red and sometimes purple discolorations under the eyes.
  5. Sagging skin under the eyes and causing puffiness. This form is also hereditary and a consequence of aging.
  6. Combinations of 1, 2, 3, 4 and/or 5

It is not always easy to identify the reason you’ve developed dark eyes. Nevertheless, a healthy lifestyle and proper care of your skin is crucial.

Under-eye black circles

In more severe cases, under-eye black circles can be a symptom of a variety of conditions, such as hypothyroidism or liver disease.

These black circles under the eyes usually look even darker than the blue or more purple shades we come to expect.

If you have noticed black circles for a long time, it is a good idea to visit your doctor and have your blood tested for possible diseases.

In addition, make sure that you drink enough water, get enough sleep, keep your alcohol consumption under control, and try not to stare at screens for too long.

Top 5 eye creams for dark circles

If you still suffer from bags under the eyes with the above habits, you can enlist the help of special products.

Creams especially for bags under the eyes are formulated with light and skin-friendly extracts that repair and energize delicate skin, usually through added caffeine.

Premium products contain a cocktail of vitamins and minerals. We always recommend going for high-quality products to give your skin the support it deserves.