Beard tips

Whether you have yet to start growing your ultimate beard style, have just started or have been growing it for a long time, we have compiled our best tips below to help you during this period of (personal) growth.

1. Choose a suitable beard style

Before you enthusiastically start growing a beard, it’s wise to determine which beard styles there are and which one you think would suit you best.

For example, you should first find out which face type you have, which will then give you a better idea of which beard styles might generally suit your face shape best. This is of course only advice and you should do what feels right for you.

2. Not sure which beard style to go for?

Have you been looking for inspiration and haven’t found a convincing beard style (yet)? Don’t worry, because you have plenty of time to choose.

When in doubt: just let it grow and don’t concern yourself with it too much. Check your photo album (more on that below) every so often and make an informed decision based on those.

If you really can’t figure it out, social media is a great source of inspiration to find almost every possible beard style. For example, you can follow the @LooksThatWork Instagram account, where we share new hair and beard styles every day.

3. Keep a photo album

Start taking photos from day 1 to monitor the growth process. Add a progression photo at least once a week so that you always have good insight into the progression.

A timeline of photos will motivate you during the growth process (and you will definitely need this because you will experience periods of doubt!).

This will help you make a better choice at a later stage if you are thinking about trimming your beard or moving to a shorter style.

4. Stick to a simple routine

The growth period of a beard comes with itching, irritation and moments when you just don’t feel like growing it anymore. Every man has to deal with this, and the best way to cope with it is to follow a simple routine.

Beard care for a healthy beard consists of at least some grooming, washing, and trimming. Invest in a beard oil that is of great quality, beard soap, and trimming tools then use them at times that suit you. We recommend using beard oil every other day on a washed beard for best results.

Trimming the beard requires a little more know-how, so read our step-by-step beard trimming guide so you don’t accidentally make a mistake and compromise your beard style.

5. Use beard oil

The function of beard oil is twofold: it will make you smell good and your beard will be optimally cared for, resulting in a healthy shine. Beard oil helps prevent irritation and itching in the early stages of beard growth.

Beard oil now comes in many varieties. So read our top 10 best beard oil guide where we discuss the best brands and ingredients.

6. Use beard soap

Beard oil sinks into the beard hair and underlying skin so that it’s properly moisturized. That is of course very nice, but oil is oil and you will ultimately want to wash it out.

Use a mild beard soap (not shampoo!) that nourishes the beard hair and does not dry out your skin or hair. With this, you will retain shine and softness.

Beard oil is also better absorbed by hair that is free of older remnants of beard oil.

→ Read more: A short article on using beard shampoo

7. Sweating!

Strength training boosts testosterone and blood flow to your muscles and skin, including nutrients and oxygen for healthy hair follicles.

When sweating, impurities also come out and this process helps clean the pores so that new hairs can grow healthily.

8. Varied diet

A strict diet is not necessary, but the source and composition of your daily diet is important.

Nutrition has the same effect on your skin as it does on your beard. If you eat a varied and healthy diet, healthy and natural beard growth will follow.

Vitamin C from fruit has been proven to have a positive effect on hair and beard growth. A healthy immune system is of course also a nice side effect.

Naturally sourced biotin (Vitamin B8) is one of the most important vitamins associated with facial hair growth.

Proteins are the building blocks of your body, as well as hair follicles and hair. A varied diet with protein therefore promotes healthy beard growth.

Vitamin A maintains the health of your hair follicles and is found in vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts.

9. Your personal style

Your personal style is the combination of your own hairstyle, beard style, and clothing style. Add these three components up with your personality and you have a unique, personal style.

Make sure these three elements match. Choose a hairstyle, beard style, and clothing style that suit your character.

10. Immerse yourself in grooming

If you read beard tips then you must be interested in grooming. You are concerned with being your best self, immerse yourself in relevant topics, and like to be well-groomed.

Make sure to read news now and then or look at some inspirational content for men’s personal grooming. Below is a list of interesting articles from the LooksThatWork magazine about grooming: